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Tyson retires from school board


Dean Gilstrap, superintendent of Bellevue ISD, presents Billy Tyson with a plaque for serving 18 years on the Bellevue School Board.

Billy Tyson, president of the Bellevue ISD school board, retired May 28, after 18 years of service.

Tyson is a graduate of Bellevue ISD. His mother, Skeeter Tyson, served the school district for many years as a teacher’s aid, and wife, Kathy, is a teacher at Bellevue. He has two daughters, Leigh Anne and Stephanie, both of whom attended Bellevue School.

“Billy has done a great job and has always put the needs of the students first throughout his career on the school board,” said Mark Hanson, vice-president. “Thank you to Billy for all you have done.”


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