Republican, Democratic Primary results are in

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

Sheriff Kenny Lemons narrowly avoided a runoff in the Republican Primary Tuesday night, winning the nomination for reelection by three percentage points. Lemons drew 53 percent of the vote.

His nearest opponent, Randy Hanson drew 37 percent, and Harvey Freeman had 9 percent. To win the primary, a candidate is required to have 51 percent of the vote.

Lemons will face Dee Litteken of the Democratic Party, who defeated Bruce Specht in Tuesday’s Primary. with 62 percent of the vote.

Maribel Longoria, seeking the office of county tax assessor-collector, was the big winner in in the Republican Primary, defeating Dean Kyle with 72 percent of the vote. Longoria will face opponent Bobbie Gilmore in the November general election. Gilmore was unopposed in the Democratic Primary.

In district races, Clay County voters chose Jack McGaughey over Brandon Earp for 97th District Judge with 57 points. He will not have an opponent in November. McGaughey won the district with 59 percent of the vote in Archer, Clay and Montague counties combined.

Paige Williams of Nocona has earned 62 percent of the vote in the Republican race for district attorney, avoiding a runoff. Williams had 49 percent of the vote in Clay County, followed by John Swenson of Petrolia. The Democrats fielded no opponents for D.A.

In the state Republican Primary, Mac Thornberry defeated Pam Barlow with 78 percent of the vote to hold his seat as U.S. District 13 Representative, with 81 percent of precincts reporting. Thornberry had 1,333 votes in Clay County, to 498 for Barlow.

In the state senator’s race, Craig Estes defeated Jim Herblin with 66 percent of the vote with 83 percent of precincts reporting. Estes received 1,173 votes in Clay County to Herblin’s 567. Estes will not face an opponent in November.

David Dewhurst could face a runoff in his bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator. At 10:30 p.m., Dewhurst had 46 percent of the vote with only 55 percent of precincts reporting. Dewhurst had 492,230 votes. Ted Cruz had 33 percent with 352,721 votes. Seven other sought the seat, left vacant by Kay Bailey Hutchison. Clay County voters chose Dewhurst with 785 votes to 484 votes for Cruz.

In the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senator, Grady Yarbrough drew 112 votes in Clay County. He drew 26 percent of the vote statewide and will face a runoff with Paul Sadler, who drew 35 percent.

Clay County voters chose Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for president with 1,276 voters. Rick Santorum drew 148 votes in the county. In the Democratic Primary, Barack Obama drew 154 votes in Clay County. Four Democrats were on the ballot.

Local Contested Races by Voting Precinct

97th District Judge - Republican Primary97th District Attorney - Republican Primary
B. EarpJ. McGaugheyP. WilliamsR. WalkerJ. Swenson
Prec. 15275671150
Prec. 6373129335
Prec. 857101681771
Prec. 9325133636
Prec. 10162824107
Prec. 117276642454
Prec. 12153328512
Prec. 131610999
Prec. 142527201012
Prec. 15183724721
Prec. 176666503732
Prec. 204751541228
Prec. 24364643209
Prec. 26112315211
Prec. 27395639460
Prec. 32251721811
Sheriff - Republican PrimaryTax Assessor-Collector - Republican Primary
R. HansonK. LemonsH. FreemanD. KyleM. Longoria
Prec. 16061104192
Prec. 6303782047
Prec. 852991736130
Prec. 9364852464
Prec. 1037431528
Prec. 1136114235894
Prec. 1293941433
Prec. 1362411315
Prec. 14134141331
Prec. 152221121540
Prec. 175081144984
Prec. 204748627109
Prec. 24571931365
Prec. 2617162823
Prec. 273166122574
Prec. 32251542114
Sheriff - Democratic Primary
D. LittekenB. Specht
Prec. 11719
Prec. 6199
Prec. 8123
Prec. 975
Prec. 10611
Prec. 11256
Prec. 1264
Prec. 1331
Prec. 1444
Prec. 1573
Prec. 1755
Prec. 2051
Prec. 2456
Prec. 26910
Prec. 2798
Prec. 32120
Unopposed Candidates for County Office
County AttorneyCommissioner Precinct 3ConstableParty Chairman
Seth SlagleJohn McGregorRonnie PullenChris Riordan
Tax Assessor-CollectorCommissioner Precinct 1ConstableParty Chairman
Bobbie GilmoreLindy ChoateToby DavisJoan Schaffner

Precinct Guide:

  • Precinct 1 – Southeast Henrietta
  • Precinct 6 – Byers
  • Precinct 8 – Northeast Henrietta
  • Precinct 9 – Northwest Henrietta
  • Precinct 10 – Vashti
  • Precinct 11 – Dean
  • Precinct 12 – Jolly
  • Precinct 13 – Thornberry
  • Precinct 14 – Charlie
  • Precinct 15 – Southwest Henrietta
  • Precinct 17 – Arrowhead Ranch Estates
  • Precinct 20 – Midway
  • Precinct 24 – Bellevue
  • Precinct 26 – Buffalo Springs
  • Precinct 27 – Petrolia
  • Precinct 32 –  Windthorst

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