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Byers, Petrolia voters overwhelmingly support consolidation


Residents in the school districts of Byers and Petrolia are overwhelmingly in favor of consolidation of the two schools. Ninety percent of voters in Byers ISD voted “yes” to consolidation, while 97 percent of Petrolia ISD voters were in favor of the proposition.

The City of Petrolia and the City of Henrietta held council elections. Results of all municipal and school elections are as follows:

Byers-Petrolia School Consolidation

ByersFor: 154 – Against: 17

PetroliaFor: 423 – Against: 11

Petrolia School Board

Christy Ridinger (incumbent): 224  – Harvey Freeman: 53 – David Jetton: 156

Joey Davis (unopposed): 382 

Gerald Heflin (unopposed): 379

Petrolia City Council

Mayor – Cindy Armour (incumbent): 70 – Bill Holmberg: 102

Henrietta City Council

Ward 1 Robert Lavy (unopposed, incumbent): 202

Ward 2 Mike Scott: 143 – John Yeager: 80


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