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Sheriff’s Report: April 29-May 5


Clay County Sheriff’s Office reports for the period of Sunday, April 29, 2012 through Saturday, May 5.

Sunday, April 29

Arrest made, Spur 510, Henrietta.

Burglar alarm, 6100 block FM 1954, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

911 hang up call, East Pleasant Valley Road, Vashti.

Water leak, 500 East Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Hit and run, Wichita Falls.

Suspicious person/vehicle, Old Joy Shannon Road, Joy.

Reckless driver, Hwy. 287 South, Bowie.

Miscellaneous call, 300 block North Pecan Street, Henrietta.

Civil dispute, Oliver Wells Road, Joy.

Information received, 2500 block Hwy. 148 South, Henrietta.

Attempt to locate, 1200 block Newman Road, Iowa Park.

Reckless driver, Hwy. 79 North near Byers church.

Information received, 200 block Omega Street, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, Hwy. 148 South, Joy..

Disorderly conduct, 100 block Angelina Street, Henrietta.

Information received, 900 block Blue Herring Trail, Lake Arrowhead.

Suspicious person/vehicle, Dobbs Creek Road, Byers.

Controlled burn, 500 block Sunflower Trail, Lake Arrowhead.

Controlled burn, 200 block Love Lace Lane, Lake Arrowhead.

Civil dispute, 2500 block Hwy. 148 South, Henrietta.

Monday, April 30

Information received, 200 block Bunny Run, Lake Arrowhead.

Information received, Hwy. 287, Henrietta.

Assault, East Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Controlled burn, 200 block Peterson Road, Dean.

Road hazard, 200 block Hwy. 148 North, Petrolia.

Controlled burn, 6500 block Hwy. 79 North, Dean.

Controlled burn, 1500 block Miller Shores, Lake Arrowhead.

Criminal mischief, FM 2332 and Nat Fleming Road, Petrolia.

Road hazard, 1300 block East Crafton Street, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, Hwy. 287 North, Henrietta.

Accident, 200 block Central Avenue, Charlie.

Burglary of a habitation, 100 block 6-T Road, Vashti.

Burglar alarm, 300 block Gayle Street, Jolly.

Arrest made, 900 block Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Criminal mischief, Henrietta City Park.

Units needed, Hwy. 287 South, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, 800 block Clothesline Road, Thornberry.

Tuesday, May 1

Miscellaneous call, 500 block North Carroll Street, Henrietta.

911 hang up call, 900 block Land Road, Bluegrove.

Animal complaint, 900 block North Angelina Street, Henrietta.

Suspicious person/vehicle, Hippie Beach at Lake Arrowhead.

Animal complaint, 200 block Homestead Lane, Henrietta.

Identity theft, 500 block Bryant Edwards Road, Henrietta.

Fire, Hwy. 287, Jolly.

Harassment, 800 block Cullers Road, Henrietta.

Burglary of a habitation, 900 block Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Miscellaneous call, 900 block Henrietta Street, Henrietta.

Fire, 6000 block Red River Street, Byers.

Assault, 900 block North Street, Henrietta.

Warrant served, 600 block Clay Street, Henrietta.

Miscellaneous call, 200 block Wichita Street, Henrietta

Vehicle unlock, 500 block Omega Street, Henrietta.

Reckless driver, 600 block California Street, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, Hwy. 810, Petrolia.

Disturbance, 700 block Sewell Road, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, FM 1954 and FM 2393, Lake Arrowhead.

Road hazard, Hwy. 287 North and North Butler Road, Jolly.

Information received, Hwy. 287 South, Henrietta.

Wednesday, May 2

Information received, Hwy. 287 North, Henrietta.

Suspicious person/vehicle, 300 block East Wichita Street, Henrietta.

Road hazard, FM 2606, Lake Arrowhead.

911 hang up call, 15000 block Hwy. 79 North, Petrolia.

Burglar alarm, 900 block Main Street, Byers.

Arrest made, Wichita County Jail Annex, Wichita Falls.

Abandoned vehicle, Hwy. 79 North, Byers.

Welfare check, 300 block North Thressa Street, Henrietta.

Civil matter, 20000 block Hwy. 59, Bowie.

Criminal mischief, 4600 block FM 1954, Wichita Falls.

Arrest made, Hwy. 287 South, Bellevue.

Terroristic threat, 1000 block West South Street, Henrietta.

Terroristic threats, 200 block South Angelina Street, Henrietta.

Criminal mischief, 800 block Prospect Street, Byers.

Information request, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Henrietta.

Arrest made, Hwy. 287 North at Twin Bridges, Henrietta.

Criminal mischief, 900 block Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Disturbance, 14000 block FM 171, Thornberry.

Reckless driver, 500 block Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Information received, 4600 block FM 1954, Lake Arrowhead.

Information received, East Crafton Street, Henrietta.

Miscellaneous theft under $1,500, 300 block Omega at Allsup’s, Henrietta.

Miscellaneous theft under $1,500, Hwy. 82, Nocona.

Harassment, 2500 block Hwy. 148 South, Henrietta.

Assault, 900 block Centennial Parkway, Henrietta.

Disturbance, 100 block Kickapoo, Lake Arrowhead.

Animal complaint, Hwy. 287 North at Texas Best Meats, Henrietta.

Civil dispute, 400 block Pecan Street, Henrietta.

Thursday, May 3

Intoxicated motorist, Hwy. 287 North, Henrietta.

Information received, Best Western hotel, Henrietta.

Miscellaneous theft under $1,500, 400 block Pecan Street, Henrietta.

Information received, Pioneer West Storage, Henrietta.

Abandoned vehicle, 800 block Hwy. 287 South, Henrietta.

Assault, 1700 block East Crafton Street, Henrietta.

Civil dispute, 100 block North Rodgers Street, Henrietta.

Controlled burn, 400 block Cherokee Trail, Lake Arrowhead.

Burglary of a habitation, 200 block Liggett Road, Vashti.

Motorist assist, Lake Arrowhead.

Harassment, 300 block Pecan Street, Henrietta.

Warrant served, 900 block Ikard Street, Henrietta.

Warrant served, 400 block California Street, Henrietta.

Assault,  Best Western hotel, Henrietta.

Missing person, 8000 block FM 2393, Dean.

Reckless driver, 1000 block Fourth Street, Bellevue.

Friday, May 4

Burglar alarm, 6700 block Hwy. 79 North, Dean.

Information received, 200 block South Clay Street, Henrietta.

Reckless driver, Hwy. 287 South, Jolly.

Property found, 1200 block Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Information request, 200 block Cochise Trail, Wichita Falls.

Animal complaint, 600 block North Locust Avenue, Petrolia.

Road hazard, Hwy. 287 South, Jolly.

Noise complaint, 200 block North Archer Street, Henrietta.

Noise complaint, 100 block Kickapoo Circle, Lake Arrowhead.

Controlled burn, 200 block Blackfeet Trail, Wichita Falls.

Disturbance, 100 block Kickapoo Circle, Lake Arrowhead.

Arrest made, Hwy. 287 and Brown Road, Jolly.

911 hang up call, South Main Street, Henrietta.

Missing person, 1000 block Ikard Street, Henrietta.

Suspicious person/vehicle, 800 block Homestead Lane, Wichita Falls.

Motorist assist, Hwy. 287 and Klein Road, Henrietta.

Accident, 13000 block Hwy. 287, Bellevue

911 hang up call, 1100 block Omega Street, Henrietta.

Civil matter, Byers Bank.

Disturbance, 200 block Rodgers Street, Henrietta.

Information received, 900 block East Commerce Street, Henrietta.

Saturday, May 5

911 hang up call, 14000 block Hwy. 287 South, Bellevue

Arrest made, South Main Street, Henrietta.

Burglar alarm, 1200 block Hwy. 82 East at Diamond Food Stores, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, FM 810 and Wagoner Road, Petrolia.

Civil matter, 200 block Gayle Street, Petrolia.

Welfare check, Hwy. 287 South, Bellevue.

Power out/line down, Hwy. 82 East and Anderson Road, Henrietta.

Information received, Homestead Lane and Kincall Road, Jolly

Lost and found item, Hwy. 148 North, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, FM 1883 and Russell Road, Bluegrove.

Suspicious person/vehicle, Hwy. 287 South, Jolly.

Accident, Hwy. 287 and Tyson Road, Bellevue.

Motorist assist, Hwy. 148 and Hwy. 287, Henrietta.

911 hang up call, Hwy. 287, Jolly.

Information received, 700 block Clay Street, Henrietta.

Road hazard, 200 block Hancock Street, Henrietta.

Information received, 200 block Wichita Street, Henrietta.

Animal complaint, Tammen Road, Dean.

Information received, Henrietta City Park.

Animal bite, 700 block Greenwood at Bowie Memorial Hospital.

Arrest, 600 block Ikard Street, Henrietta.

Vehicle unlock, Henrietta High School track, Henrietta.

Gunshots, 1100 block Homestead Lane, Dean.

Controlled burn, 300 block Fifth Street, Bellevue.

Open door, 200 block Penobscot, Lake Arrowhead.

Arrest, FM 2606, Lake Arrowhead.

Reckless driver, Hwy. 287 North and Hwy. 82, Henrietta.


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