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Champion turkey callers represent National Wild Turkey Federation


Mikayla Nixon, the current Texas State Junior Calling Champion, along with dad Shaine Nixon and Bobby Woods, are in Clay County this week to represent the National Wild Turkey Federation, competing for the Turkey Fest World Championship.

Mikayla Nixon

Mikayla, 17, has finished among the top 10 at the NWFT Grand Nationals Calling Contest twice. Shaine Nixon also competes in turkey calling and won third place in the adult category of the state competition in 2011.

Woods of Dante, Va., is the 2010 Wild Turkey Bourbon Grand National Calling Champion in the friction division.

Woods is a member of Team Sting for Woodhaven Calls, a producer of box calls, friction calls, locator calls, mouth calls and deer grunt calls.

Founded in 1973, the purpose of the NWTF is to promote the outdoors and turkey hunting through conservation and education.

At the time the NWTF was established, there were only 1.3 million wild turkeys. Today that number stands at more than seven million birds throughout North America, thanks to the efforts of state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and its members and partners.

Across North America, the NWFT works to enhance habitat for wild turkeys and other wildlife while providing hunters with more opportunities to hunt and increased access to public and private land.

The NWTF supports research in wild turkey management. NWTF-funded research has increased understanding about wild turkey biology, recruitment, mortality, reproduction, poult survival, habitat use, population dynamics, habitat management, DNA analysis, physiology and disease. The projects blanket nearly every state where the five subspecies of American wild turkeys are found, as well as the oscillated wild turkey of Central America.

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