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Denmon, South looking to put ‘MOJO’ on Turkey Fest hunt


Competing this year for the title of Turkey Fest World Champion will be “MOJO Outdoors”, hosted by Terry Denmon and Byron South. “MOJO Outdoors airs on the Pursuit Channel.

Terry Denmon

Denmon, is a hands-on hunter of many years – not an actor or TV personality. He hunted over the world, from sheep and bears in the North Country to numerous trips to Africa. Much of his hunting has been on his own and along the way; he has been a guide and outfitter on hunts including mule deer in Colorado and West Texas, antelope in West Texas and waterfowl in Louisiana.

While Denmon has spent his life practicing as a professional engineer and land surveyor, his passion has always been hunting and shooting. He has collected and shot big game rifles since high school. 

He is one of the founding partners of MOJO Outdoors and a partner and CFO of Across America Productions, makers of the popular shows “Hunting Across America”, “Fishing Across America” and “Outfitters and Shooters”.

Denmon is co-host of “Hunting Across America” and “Shooters TV”.

He is active in a number of civic and charitable organizations and just completed a six-year term on the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries

Byron South

Commission, serving two years as chairman and two years as vice-chairman.

South is an icon in the predator world and is extremely well known for his ground breaking “Coming to the Call” DVD series and his seminars on predator calling.

South is one of the most recognized and respected figures in the world of predator hunting. His experience has spanned over three decades of hunting predators in 20 states and Canada. Byron has been featured in, or called upon for input into numerous articles, in major hunting magazines and in a number of outdoor television shows.

South entered into the very first professional endorsement agreement Remington Arms has ever offered in its 198-year history, leading to the Byron South Signature Edition AR Rifle.

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