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The saga continues…

By Pat McDaniel
Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

It would seem that I am running a week or three behind schedule… Sorry, things have been busy and I am slower than molasses!

Services were held for Wayne Morris who passed away shortly before Easter.  Wayne had fought a hard battle with cancer.  The services were held Tuesday, April 10 at Arrowhead Baptist Church.  He is survived by his wife, Naomi, daughter, Stephanie Mowrer, and two grandchildren, Destiny and Noah.

Wynema Wyrick is out and about.  Dr. P. told her to stay in when the weather is unstable, unpredictable or just plain cold!  Elsa Rankin’s Chemo has been rough on her… She has three more treatments left… Let’s pray for her.  It’s been tough on her and Lee needs some support too.

Larry and Jan Tuttle have been pretty well housebound with back problems.  We need to pray for them too.

Spaghetti Supper

The spaghetti supper will be Saturday, April 28, 5-7 p.m. at Arrowhead Baptist Church.  This is the annual fundraiser for LAVFD-Aux.  The food will be good and there will be some wonderful door prizes.  Put it on your calendar and don’t forget to come!!

Has the lake come up since these rains?  Well, I can’t say for sure… It doesn’t look any lower so it must be holding its own!  There have been a lot of fisher persons out there… Both on the lake and on the banks.

We have not had any word about a new state park superintendent.  Keith Gauthier, our own park ranger, has applied for the position.  It would be wonderful if he is appointed.  I’m not biased, you know!

We’re going to miss John and Sarah Ferguson and those three precious little ones, Katie, William and Henry.  Of course, Katie will keep them all under control!

I just read that grandchildren are grandparents’ compensation for growing older!  And older is better than younger… When you’re in good health!

I guess I’d better get our meeting days listed for the next couple of weeks or so…

Make Today Count

Make Today Count Support Group will meet on Wednesday the 25th at Arrowhead Baptist Church, 10 a.m.  We’re an independent group comprised of women and men who have had a severe illness, lost a loved one or just need a morale boost.  Call Mona, 723-5786 or Pat, 528-2268 for more information.  Caregivers are especially welcome.

Friends of the State park

Friends of the State Park will meet May 3, 7 p.m. at the old dining hall at the Park.  Call the park at 528-2211 for more info.


The LAVFD Auxiliary will meet Monday, May 7, 6:30 p.m., at east side fire station.  We should be recovered from Spaghetti Supper by then!

And these last few words of advise:  Eating chocolate candy won’t solve your problems, but it doesn’t hurt them any either!

Peace, love and laughter…


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