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Popular outdoors show ‘Chronicles’ Clay County hog hunt, cookout


Videographer John Chambers films KNG Chronicles hunters Rock Bordelon, Douglas Krotz and Randal Reeder as they prepare a feral pig for cooking. The pig was harvested south of Petrolia Monday morning with outfitter Alan Schaffner of Lone Star Hunts.

By Peggy Browning
Clay County Pioneer Sentinel

When actor, producer, writer, director, hunter and cook Randal Reeder arrived in Clay County this weekend he was serious about what lay ahead of him. He and his posse from the TV lifestyle show, KNG Chronicles, were here for a wild hog hunt.  They were serious about the job of filming the adventure of the hunt and recording the cleaning and cooking of the hogs they harvested.

They were also serious about having some fun doing it.

Reeder, Rock Bordelon, Tyler Tarjick, and his brother Rick Reeder, teamed with Lone Star Hunts and the North Texas Chapter of Safari Club International to shoot an episode of KNG Chronicles here in North Texas.

Alan Schaffner, named “Outfitter of the Year” in 2011 by North Texas Safari Club International, hosted the hunt at his operation near Petrolia. Doug Krotz, from Mansfield, Texas was the lucky highest bidder on the excursion that benefits the North Texas Chapter of SCI. All will be part of the filming of this episode, which will probably be shown in July or August.

By noon Monday, the hunters had already routed and killed two wild hogs; one was a sow weighing about 100 lbs. and the other a young boar estimated at 170 lbs.  The sow was destined for a smoker and the boar was likely ingredients for sausage.

KNG Chronicles started as a small cable show in Carthage, Texas in December 2010. It was first titled “Killin’ ‘N Grillin’”. From its small beginning, “Killin’ ‘N Grillin’” was signed by two national TV networks, Pursuit Channel and Sportsman Channel.

Reeder said KNG Chronicles is more than a hunting or cooking show. He said it is a lifestyle show that chronicles the adventures of Southern boys who don’t know when to quit.

When asked why he had the idea to start KNG Chronicles, Reeder replied, “My whole life has been an attempt to do a fun job. I’m always trying to make a living doing fun work.”

Reeder said he has spent a large part of his working life in front of a camera. He also loves to hunt and fish.  Ultimately, doing this show seemed like a natural pairing of his experience and his interests.

At age 18, he started a pro wrestling career. By age 22, he was trying his hand at acting. He has, over the last 20 odd years, also tried on the roles of writer, director and producer. He has been cast in parts on TV shows like “E.R.”, “Reno 911” and “King of the Hill” and in movies including “W.” and “Leaves of Grass”. Most recently, he played Karl, a physically imposing biker, in the movie version of 21 Jump Street along with Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp.

In addition to his work in front of and behind the camera, Reeder said “I’ve done every job in the world including plumbing, construction, and picking up poop from horse stalls.”

“Doing this is way more fun,” he added.

Now at the age of 40, Reeder said he wants to have more time with his son, Daxton. “I looked up one day and he was already 11 years old and I’d barely taken him hunting or fishing. I’d been working so hard trying to make a living, that I hadn’t done that with him.”

“I’m doing this hunting and cooking show so I can make a living by taking my son hunting and fishing,” Reeder said.

KNG Chronicles often features celebrity hunters like Mike Judge or John Popper, but Reeder said most of the folks who hunt with the KNG posse are good friends and new acquaintances.

The premise of KNG Chronicles is fairly simple. Friends get together. Friends hunt wild game together. Friends gut, skin and cook the wild game together. Then they enjoy eating together. Good times all around.  The show makes responsible hunting an entertaining adventure of fun, comradeship, and good eating.

Although much of the grilling is done the same day of the hunt, because as Reeder says, “We like fresh meat,” sometimes the day’s kill makes it to a kitchen where various ingredients expand the recipe. Reeder said his crew is working on a KNG cookbook and plans are being made to share recipes on the KNG Chronicles website.

Currently KNG Chronicles films 26 episodes yearly and the episodes are aired twice weekly on Sportsmen Channel and three times weekly on Pursuit Channel. The viewing schedule can be found on the KNG website at www.kngchronicles.com or the KNG Chronicles Facebook page.


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