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Gannon to be honored for 16 years at Clay County Mission Outreach


Serving others.  Reaching out to those in need.  Giving of herself.  These phrases only partially capture the character of Mildred Gannon, the lady who has recently retired from her position as the director of the Clay County Mission Outreach.


Gannon will be honored by a reception open to the public on Sunday, April 15, from 2 – 3:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Henrietta.

Gannon began work at the facility in 1995 as a volunteer when it was the Evangelica Mission run by Phyllis and Frank Jennings.  Around 2000, the mission was taken over by Clay County.  After an illness that kept her away from the mission for about a year, Gannon came back as the food coordinator, and later assumed the position of director.
A great deal of work is involved in running the mission.

“We wouldn’t be able to do everything without all of the volunteers,” Gannon said. She added that over the years, help has come in the form of organizations, churches, students, and many willing individuals – in other words, truly a community effort guided by Gannon.

When organizations and churches have food drives, the mission workers and volunteers must organize, stock and bag the food for the monthly boxes to be distributed to those who need a helping hand.  The mission also provides Christmas boxes and Easter baskets for children as well as baskets for their moms and dads on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.  In addition to supplying food, the mission provides clothing and school supplies.

Gannon has seen these years at the mission as her calling, guided by her faith in God.  She added that she has truly enjoyed her 16 years at the mission.


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