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February deeds recorded


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the month of February 2012:

Ronald Lee Reeves et al to Becky Burns Johnson Family, LP, 238.64 acres, H. Tucker, A-662.

Curtis W. Smith to Judith A. Gould, Lot 11-C, Eastside, Lake Arrowhead.

Claudie Humphrey et al William Earl Hair, Lots 9 & 10, Block 12, Earles’ Addition.

April D. Thomas et al to Tracey Frerich, S 11’ of Lot 4, All Lot 5, and the N. 21.5’ Lot 6, Block 63, Railroad Addition.

Donny Joe McAda et al to Michael Max et al, 4.71 acres, Block 5, Cherokee CSL.

Janet Pilsner et al to Flor Morales et al, Lot 1, & the E/20’ Lot 2, Block 21, Howeth & Eldridge; N/55’ Lots 5 & 6, Bock 13, Howeth & Eldridge.

Roy Lee Fugett to Tony Ray Andrews et al, Lot 21, Lee Gilbert Sub.

James C. Strickland et al to Ronald T. Wells et ux, 9.139 acres, Lots 1 & 8, Block 12, Chilson & Burnham.

Joel Haberman et ux to Clint Alsup et ux, Lot 7,  Block 16, Howeth & Eldridge.

Bonnie Peevey to David Bates, Lot 17, Miller Shores, Unit #1.

Susana Villanueva to Ernesto Noe Canales, Lots 1, 2, & 3, Block 21, Earles Addition.


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