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Reader responds to ‘Matt’s Fat’


Mr. Kelton:

I just read your piece, “I have what?”

After reading Nick Gholson’s column Sunday, I struggled all week, trying to decide how to address it in my own paper.

As you well know, I got my start in this industry writing about sports and let’s face it, Ol’ Spanky is someone I read often, hoping to someday be as good as he had become.

I wanted to show respect, but be my normal, funny self, all at the same time.

When we put the paper to bed last night, I still had nothing.

I wanted to tell you I appreciated the column. You accomplished what I could not.

Also, I am still as proud as I can be with what you have accomplished here with the Sentinel.

Best regards and keep up the great work,

Robert Griffin
Editor, Colorado City Record
Colorado City

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