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Secretary of State to parties: Prepare for May 29 primaries

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

“An April primary is all but dead,” announced Michael Li of txredistricting.org on Wednesday. One day later, its death certificate arrived in county clerk offices across the state in the form of a memorandum from the secretary of state.

Keith Ingram, director of elections for the secretary of state, said that after two days of hearings regarding litigation over redistricting, the Democratic and Republican parties have been instructed to work toward a May 29 primary.

“There still is not a confirmed date, but the Court did advise the Parties to work with the SOS to compile an election schedule based on a May 29 primary,” said Clay County Clerk Sasha Kelton. “May 29 is the day after Memorial Day, which may cause several problems, including unavailable polling places and poll workers, as well as the fact that the Monday holiday is the day all voting equipment will have to be delivered to the polling locations.”

But, noted Kelton, scheduling conflicts would occur with any other possible date.

“Other counties have requested to move it to May 22, but that would cause early voting to interfere with city and school elections in Clay County, causing a shortage of voting terminals,” said Kelton.  “There are potential problems with any date, we just want a confirmed date, so that we can move forward.”

Kelton said her biggest concern is that continuing to change primary dates will cause voters to lose interest in the election.


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