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Matt’s Fat: Get the candy off your face

Workout quote of the week:   “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”     – Julia Child
By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

I cracked under the pressure.

If you’ll remember last week, I made note of having lost 6 pounds since starting the Forrester Wellness Center’s Body Fat Challenge in early January.

Of course the point of the challenge, as its name implies, is not weight loss, but fat loss. In other words, it doesn’t matter what I weigh, as long as it is all muscle.

But I want to lose weight. My doctor wants me to lose weight. My jeans want me to lose weight.

After the 6-pound miracle, I did something I have never before imagined: I started counting calories.

I limited my self to roughly 350 per meal, with a few low-cal meals in between… Just like the Internet suggested. I exercised everyday and ate healthy. Per my instructions, Sasha did things with our meals that had never been done in our house before. Things like replacing plain ol’ lettuce with spinach in salads and eating salmon that had not come from a can and was not deep-fried in patty form.

Two words: Steamed vegetables.

I missed my chicken fried steak, Salisbury steak, cheeseburgers and, mostly, large doses of potatoes. But the effort was worth the results I was hoping for. I want to weigh 160.

Saturday morning, 9 a.m., was the moment of truth, the time at which I would know that all my efforts had paid off. The official Body Fat Challenge scale showed 172 pounds. 172! Are you kidding me? After all that? I only lost two-tenths of a pound!

Okay, okay, I thought. I can handle that. Even Sunday afternoon, my daughter’s birthday party, I stood firm. “Surely the weight will start to come off,” I said as I ate a small slice of cake and a taste of ice cream. I washed it down with water.

On Monday, I had a slightly larger slice of the leftovers and a glass of sweet tea.

Little did I know that my willpower was quickly unraveling.

Tuesday, Valentines Day, the kids came home from school with candy and lots of it. Still, I held back, but by the time they went to bed, I was done.

As Sasha tucked each kid in, I found myself laid back on the couch having devoured in two bites a heart-shaped Little Debbie brownie with red icing. In my hand was a half-wrapped Rice Crispy treat slathered in frosting.

I tried to hide the evidence and sat down at the computer to look busy.

When Sasha came back into the room, she suggested I wipe off the chocolate smeared across my cheek.


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