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December, January deeds recorded


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the months of December 2011 and January 2012:

Linda Bevering et al to Archer Title of Texas, Inc., Pt of Block 12, Original Town of Henrietta.

Randal Searcy to Timothy S. Snyder et al, Lot 7, Block 4, Section 1, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Kenneth Paul Evans to Bryce Seigler et al, 2.78 acres A-Crains Survey, A-83.

Eugene Alan Truman et al to Richard R. Redford et al, 12.21 acres of BBB & C RR & West 3 acres of Lot 8, Block 2, Section 3, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

John Richard Gill to Gilbert Mendoza Jaramillo et ux, Lot 1, Block D, Rodgers Addition.

Paris L. McDaouald to Don R. Cooke et ux, Lot 40, Block 1, Section 2, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

B.W. Sinclair, Inc. to Danny Bretschneider et ux, pt Block 35, Kemp & Newby Sub, Cherokee CSL, Pt of 5.93 acre tract.

Kenneth Patterson to M. Don Lavy, Lots 7 & 8, Block 3, Original Town of Henrietta.

Kenneth Patterson to Darrell Jacobson et al, Pt of E.F. Ikard & M.B. Skerrett.

Wayne W. Pack et al to Rodney L. Miller et al, 7.99 out of NE/4 HT & B RR Co., Sect. No. 40.

Rickey Dean Cryer et al to Anthony S. Corsi, 3 acres out of Block 41, Specht & McCutcheon Sub.

Rodney L. Miller et al to Harrell G. Steele et al, 0.9 acres out of NE/4 HT & B RR Co., Section 40.

Alice P. McEntee to William Harry Hofsiss et ux, All Lots 7 & 8, Block 6, Barrett’s Addition.

Beverly Jean Walker Swaim to Mark Ivey et al, Lots 1 & 2, Block 54, Petrolia Sub.

Justin J. Sternadel to Braydon McCrary, 1.80 acres, C.F. Stanley Survey, A-407.

Billy R. Johnson to Rebecca Fletcher, Lots 7 & 8, Block 27, Howeth & Eldridge.

Paris L. McDougald to Don R. Cooke, Lot 40, Block 1, Section 2, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Lindeman Family Trust et al to Kelley Hoegger, 95 acres, Clark & Plumb, Block 2, Lot 19.

Lindeman Family Trust et al to Nancy Ann Pennartz, 14.852, Clark & Plumb, Block 2, Lot 19.

Jason Moore et ux to Nathan Phillips, 0.33 acres, Block A-55, Bellevue Sub.

Michael R. Little et al to Wilfredo R. Fuentes-Irizarry et ux, 2.04 acres, W.A. Farris, A-148, Block 1.

Tim Davis et al to Jon New et al, Lot 43-F, Westside Lake Arrowhead.

Phil Lewis to Trace Aaron Moore,Lot 3, Block 13, Petrolia Sub.

Doyle M. Davis et al to Don F. Davis et al, Lots 1 & 2, 3-11, & 12, Block 13, Railroad Addition.

Ricardo M. Baker et al to Joel Barrera, Lot 47, Block 1, Section 2, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Don Cain et al to Jerel R. Goehring, Lot 3, Block F. Rodgers Addition.

Kelly Hoegger to Brent Hoff et al, 47.50 acres, Clark & Plumb, Lot 19, Block 2.

Robert W. Welch et al to Christina M. Devore, W/2 Lot 25, Block 2, Arrowhead Ranch Estates, Section 2.

Mary Ann Schroeder to Craig Anderle et ux, Lots 29 & 30, Miller Shores, Unit #2.

Dorothy Dickerson to Toby McClain, Lot 5, Block 9, Fairview Addition.

Mary Lou Duggan et al to Jason Richey et al, 47.292, Block 46, J.H. Belcher.

Cleotilde Force to Earline Wiley, 2.0 acres, Block 10, San Augustine.

Mildred Billingsly to David Eugene Faram et ux, 51.48 acres, Block 58, Wood CSL.

Grover Sheller to Leslie Nicole Anderson, Pt. #24, Jack CSL.

Clay County to Rowdy J. Moore, Lots 5 & 6, Block 2, Original Town of Buffalo Springs.

Leyman Investments, LLC to Nathan Phillips et al, .51 ac., Block A-49, Bellevue Subdivision.

Beverly S. Moore to Greg Stallcup et ux, Lots 9 & 10 & S/2 11, Block 3, Barrett’s Addition.

Martha Janelle Seigler Ellis et ux to Tandy Rater, .95 ac, TE & L, #3277.

William Stiver to Hayden C. Sralla III, Lot 11, Block 3, Section 8, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Hayden C. Sralla III to Reuben Rickards, N/2 Lot 11, Block 3, Section 8, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Bill Rowden et ux to David B. Frerich et ux, E/2 Block 13, TJ Belcher Subdivision.

JP Chase Bank, NA to Jerry Reel, .19 aces, T & N O RR Co, A-683.


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