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Court records provide insight into Petrolia murder case


By Matt Kelton

Pioneer Sentinel

Details have emerged in the shooting death of a man identified in court documents as Jose Ramirez at a home south of Petrolia five years ago. Documents describe the purchase of a pizza with the victim’s credit card and the removal of a foot from the victim’s grave.

The investigation led to four arrests, including Justin Wayne Green, 30, of Phoenix, Ariz., for murder. Also arrested were Terri Janiece Green, 49, of Phoenix, Brittany Jan Green, 26, of Wichita Falls, and Stephanie Heaston Corral, 25, of Iowa Park. All three are charged with tampering with physical evidence, a second-degree felony.

Terri Green is the mother of Justin Green and Brittany Green, all former residents of the house on FM 2393. Terri Green, then an employee of Central Freight in Wichita Falls, continued to live in the house after the date on which investigators believe her son killed the victim.

The documents state that some time before Oct. 15, 2007, Justin Green shot a man in the head with a military-style rifle, then called his mother to help clean up the house and dispose of the body. According to court records, Terri Green then contacted her Brittany Green to help with the clean up. Brittany Green asked Corral for a ride to the house, and corral also helped.

When Brittany Green and Corral arrived, the body had been moved to the garage.

They assisted Justin Green and Terri Green in moving the body to a location on a 160-acre property where the house is located.

During a Feb. 7 search of the house, three bullet holes were discovered in a bedroom wall and a bullet was recovered from inside the wall. Blood was detected in the bedroom, hall and garage of the residence.

On Feb. 8, a shallow grave with skeletal remains was located near a salt flat on the property. The skull had two bullet holes. A pair of black shorts with the word “Army” where also found in the grave. The grave is located less than a quarter-mile from the house.

Brittany Green stated in an interview that Justin Green had said he shot the man because he “did not believe in God.” Green alleged that Ramirez had reached for a gun. She said Justin Green dragged the man out of the bedroom and into the hall. When Brittany Green and Corral arrived, the body was in the garage.

Brittany Green also told investigators that she, Justin Green and Corral would check on the body, covered with sheet metal, a mattress and a water heater, often. At one point, Green told investigators, a foot of the victim became dislocated from the body. They all touched it, and then carried it back to the residence for Terri Green to inspect.

During an interview with investigators, a person who knew Brittany Green stated that in 2007, she visited Green and Corral in 2007 at an apartment in Wichita Falls when green mentioned the murder. The group then ordered a pizza using the victim’s credit card. The co-worker said that after ordering the pizza, Green and Corral practiced signing the victim’s name and when the pizza arrived, Corral signed the receipt.

After her arrest, Brittany Green told investigators that Corral ordered the pizza as “Mrs. Ramirez”, and signed the receipt as “Stephanie Ramirez”. Brittany Green also stated that Justin Green and Corral had used the victim’s bank card at local stores and banks.

The source told investigators that Justin Green had access to the credit card, and had described the victim as a hateful man and that did not believe in the Lord.

The Clay County Sheriff’s office learned of a possible homicide at a house on FM 2332 on Jan. 31. A person came to the sheriff’s office with details of the crime, leading to the search warrant.

Bond for Justin Wayne Green has been set at $1 million. Bonds for Terri Janiece Green and Corral are $250,000. Brittany Green’s bond is $150,000.

Justin Green and Terri Green are jailed in Maricopa County, Ariz., awaiting extradition.

As of Monday afternoon, the identity of the victim has not been confirmed by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.


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