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Commissioners awaiting budget amendment request for raise

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

Following a public hearing, Clay County Commissioners approved a full time secretary at the deputy II pay grade for County Attorney Seth Slagle.

Slagle asked that commissioners approve the raise for his secretary, Shawna Franklin, Jan. 23. Commissioners tabled the motion only to approve it on Jan. 30 pending a public hearing. Franklin has worked for the county part-time since Slagle was appointed county attorney in Jan. 2011.

In previous meetings of the commissioners, Slagle noted that although Franklin was a part-time employee for the county, and a part-time employee for Lawyer Frank Douthitt, most of her work in Slagle’s law practice was for county cases.

Franklin will continue to receive as payment fees received for hot checks.

Commissioners tabled approval of a budget amendment to fund the new position until an amendment request is submitted. The raise will take effect with the February pay period if the budget amendment request is made before the Feb. 27 meeting.

Commissioners also approved a letter to the Little Wichita River Soil and Water Conservation District and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality addressing structural and brush control issues with the Big Sand Creek Site 2 dam. The dam holds back a government lake located in Precinct 4. The letter was drafter by Precinct 4 Commissioner A.J. Peek.

Clay County Memorial Hospital Administrator Jeff Huskey introduced commissioners to a form of federal funding that could pay for the operation of a Hospice center at the hospital.

Commissioners approved a permit requested by Becky Burns Johnson of the Burns Ranch to ditch a water line on Burns Road in Precinct 3, southwest Clay County.

Commissioners approved minutes of the Jan 30 meeting, payment of all bills related to the hospital and the treasurer’s report for the month of January.


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