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Evidence in possible murder found, search for body continues


An abandoned house on FM 2332, south of Petrolia, has been the scene of a possible murder investigation. The Clay County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant for the property Tuesday afternoon.

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office continues its search for clues in a possible homicide that may have occurred approximately five years ago at a house on FM 2332, south of Petrolia, said Sheriff Kenny Lemons Wednesday morning.

The sheriff’s office received a call from a person stating that a murder may have taken place on the property, spawning a lengthy investigation into the supposed crime. Lemons said that at this time he could not say when the call was received, or for how long the investigation has continued.

Lemons said he believed the tip was legitimate from the start, and has been confirmed.

“The investigation revealed enough facts and details that it led to the execution of a search warrant yesterday afternoon,” Lemons said. “We have recovered some evidence that confirms the info received.”

Lemons said with the search warrant issued, his office has concentrated on the case for the last 24 hours.

The body that investigators are searching for is not believed to be that of a local person.

“I don’t believe the person we’re looking at is from this area,” said Lemons.

The sheriff also said that the house, now abandoned, has no history of known criminal activity.


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