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Matt’s Fat: Excuses, excuses


Workout quote of the week:

   “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for    illness.”

     – Edward Stanley

 By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

When you think every minute of your day is scheduled for, and you can’t possibly be any busier, something comes along and you realize just how much time you had before.

It’s one of those realizations you come to after having kids. Feed them breakfast, get them ready for school, drop them off, go to work, pick them up, feed them supper and put them to bed. Before they came along, what exactly did we do?

And now that they are here, when are we supposed to exercise?

It’s been my biggest hurdle in this whole “I’m gonna’ get fit” kick.

My goal is to workout five days a week: Monday, and Wednesday through Saturday. Tuesday’s are no good because I usually work late Monday night. I could get by with only three days a week, but if I plan on five, and then miss two days, I don’t feel guilty. Not that I would feel guilty anyway.

I proved that last week.

I have a sister in North Richland Hills who was to be induced into labor on Wednesday.

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing. I worked as a sports writer when my two children were born. My son’s birth was scheduled around high school softball playoffs. My daughter’s, around my Tuesday deadline.

I still catch grief from Sasha, but if she was going to be induced, why not make it as convenient as possible. I didn’t want to be away after the baby was born.

Planning ahead, I worked late Sunday night; except that she went into labor on her own early Monday morning. Shortly after 11 a.m., I had a new niece. To further complicate things, I spent all of Monday afternoon on the phone with tech support – so much for getting anything accomplished. I Worked late Monday and spent Tuesday in North Richland Hills. The rest of the week was shot from trying to play catch-up.

Only two workouts, Monday morning and Saturday morning. Not to mention a stop at the Decatur McDonald’s that did nothing for my weight loss goal.

No guilt at all.

You should understand that I am very good at finding excuses not to work out, excuses that would hold up if I had to travel to Wichita Falls to join a gym. The Forrester Wellness Center is less than two blocks away. That’s unfortunate for my gut.

Saturday, I stepped onto the official scale for the Body Fat Challenge. In one month of working out and, reluctantly, eating less, I have lost 6.2 pounds and one point from my body mass index.

The purpose of the challenge is to lower the body mass index. My personal goal is to drop 20 pounds. I’m probably not inline to win the challenge, but I think I’m doing okay.

Correction: After reading this column, my wife “suggested” a few changes. Sasha gets the kids up, dressed and to school on time. Also, my daughter’s birth was scheduled around the Clay County Junior Livestock Show, not my Tuesday deadline. – MK


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