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Matt’s Fat: All buttoned up

Workout quote of the week:
     “I am in shape… round is a shape.”
           – Anonymous
By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel 

As I made my way from the pickup and to the Dairy Queen for my daily dose of coffee and gossip, I thought, “Man, this body fat challenge thing must be working, these Levis feel a bit loose.” Then I saw my reflection in the glass door. The top button of my britches was undone.

That’s the problem with a gut, sometimes, when sitting for long periods of time, such as when sitting at this computer, you have to “pop the top” just to give yourself a little breathing room.

Come on, you know you’ve done it too.

That said, I really do believe my recent conversion to a somewhat healthy lifestyle is beginning to take effect. I say “somewhat” healthy because I refuse to give up the occasional over-the-top serving of mashed potatoes, I don’t how many carbs it holds.

My britches, even when buttoned all the way up, are fitting better.

Of course the only way to really know is to step onto the scale. I have weighed myself at home and on the “doctors” scale at the Forrester Wellness Center. But, for fear of disappointment, I have not been on the official scale, the one used to determine weight, body fat percentage, heart rate and whatever else deemed important to physical fitness. That’s the scale used when I signed up for the challenge, and it’s the scale that will determine my success, or lack thereof.

My workouts are getting easier too. Let me rephrase that. I no longer feel like the treadmill is carrying out a vendetta against me.

I’ve even eased my way back to the weights, but with a less sadistic version of the “beginners” program that almost killed me.

My next objective is to start jogging. I mean actual jogging – outdoors.

I’ve set a new goal for myself, to participate in the Lyndon Laseman Memorial Fun Run. I think for now I’ll go with the 5K (3-mile) route. If all goes well, maybe I’ll jump to the 10K race, but I doubt it, that’s 6.2 miles. There are days that I don’t drive six miles, I’m pretty certain I cannon run that far. Not yet.

Editor’s Note: This is the third

in a series columns chronicling Pioneer Sentinel publisher Matt Kelton’s participation in the Clay County Memorial Hospital’s Biggest Body Fat Loser Challenge.


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