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East Side, West Side: Looks like spring

by Pat McDaniel
 Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

It looks like spring outside… Will we have an early one?  I hope for that but with some generous rainfall accompanying it!  Heard a mockingbird the other day… Don’t know just where he was but he sure was cussing out the cats!  They stayed under the cover of the carport.  They’re not dummies, you know!

Mona Vondielingen told us ARE will have a Beans ‘n’ Cornbread fundraiser for their VFD in place of the Mexican Dinner they usually have.  Well, making Mexican dinners is a lot more trouble than B ‘n C.  That’s the way lakers felt about the Fish Fry.  Besides, some are getting too darn old to cook ‘n serve fish and its accompaniments.  Don’t know the date for the B ‘n C but I’ll let you know a.s.a.p.

Howard Baggett passed away Sunday.  He and wife, Peggy, used to live out here.  He played the guitar and would go with James Kellett to Joe Brown’s early morning show to promote the Arrowhead Fish Fry.

Speaking of James, he’s doing OK.  He has Altzheimer’s but still lives in WF at home!

Dorothy and Finis Mummert are living at the Midwestern Health Care Center, which is directly behind the Clinics of North Texas.  Although gravely ill, Finis is still his feisty self.  Dorothy has Altzheimer’s.  She loves to receive cards so if you have a spare card send her one.  The address is 601 Midwestern Pkwy E., Wichita Falls, Texas 76302,

Elsa and Lee Rankin bought a home on Cynthia St. after their home out here burned last February.  I don’t know the house number, but will find out.  He seems to be the same with his emphysema.  She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer right before the holidays.  She has had two chemo treatments and will have a third on Thursday the 26th.  Send her a card and keep her in your prayers.

Lake Arrowhead Community Association

There’s going to be a pot luck supper at the Community Association building Friday the 27th.  A business meeting will follow.  All members are encouraged to be there, it is an important meeting,  If you don’t want to eat come about 7-ish.

Make Today Count

The Support Group, Make Today Count, will be meeting Wednesday, Feb.1, at Arrowhead Baptist Church, 10 a.m.  This is a good group to come to if you and/or yours have suffered the loss of a loved one or a severe illness.  Caregivers are welcomed.   If you have any questions about this group call Mona, 723-5786 or Pat, 528-2268.  What is said in this group stays in the group!

Friends of Lake Arrowhead State Park

Friends of Lake Arrowhead State Park will be meeting Thursday, Feb. 2, at the old dining hall.  There are new officers… Terry McKee is the new president, Tony Welch is the “veep”, Jim Hensley’s secretary and Larry Snyder is still treasurer… He shouldn’t have done such a good job the first time!  Trustees are Bill Coombs, John Traylor and Pat McDaniel.  I don’t know what trustees do exactly, but if they’re happy, so am I.

Red Hats

Red Hats are going to Opa’s for lunch on Friday, Feb. 10.  Opa’s is out by the base.  I’ll get an exact address a.s.a.p.  They feature German food… Yum!

Going back to spring… There’s a sign in the grass along FM1954 where the Community Fellowship Church is.  The sign reads:  No autos, horses and other vehicles are allowed on this grass… Bluebonnets in progress!

I love it… I hope everyone takes heed!

It’s getting on to 6 p.m.  Himself has gone with the ABC “boys” for chili at Camp Chaparral.  I think I’ll go fix something exotic… Like what?

Our Red Hat friend Ann Bennett passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. Memorial services were held for her at First Baptist Church in Dean.  The church was full!  The pastor acknowledged that Ann had done one thing he had not been able to do and that was to fill the church.  Ann was retired military, an Air Force Major.  She had three brothers, one sister and numerous nieces and nephews.  She left behind a loving husband, Fred Skeen.

She loved Fred and she loved her horse, Jack.

Happy Trails, Ann…

Peace, love and laughter.


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