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Livestock show kicks off Thursday; new schedule available

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

The 35th annual Clay County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair, at the Perry Woods Agriscience Facility behind Henrietta High School, gets underway Thursday with a new schedule.

This year, students will show cattle projects on Thursday instead of the usual Saturday, followed by rabbits, broilers and swine on Friday and sheep and goats on Saturday. The youth fair will take place Thursday evening at the Henrietta High School Cafeteria.

Keep track of the livestock show and youth fair

with real-time updates throughout the event

More than 270 students will participate in this year’s event, which culminates with the youth fair and premium livestock auctions Saturday night. The auction is a chance for area businesses and individuals to reward students for their hard work. Last year’s livestock auction brought $54,750, with an additional $3,500 earned in the youth fair auction.

In 2010, the Red River Chevy Dealers purchased the grand champion steer, owned by Ryan Crafton of the Henrietta FFA, for $2,000. Stefanie Wolf of the Byers FFA showed the reserve champion steer, bringing $1,400 from the First National Bank of Byers. Colby Hoffman of Bellevue FFA sold the grand champion market hog for $1,600 to the Bowie Bank, and Heather Coleman of Byers FFA sold the reserve for $1,300 to the First National Bank of Byers. Clay County Farm Bureau purchased the grand champion meat goat from Kassidy Beeler for $1,300. The reserve champion, sold by Kandon Bennett of the Henrietta 4-H, went to Davis Grain and Fertilizer of Bellevue for $950.

Pruitt Ford purchased the grand champion market lamb from Austin Trent of the Clay County 4-H for $1,000. Lindsey Trent sold the reserve lamb to Reliable Well Service for $700. Kerr Feed and Grain purchased both grand and reserve champion broilers from Jordan Hoff and Kirkland Hoff, respectively, for $1,000 and $900. Both are from Henrietta.

Devon Cassetty of Bellevue sold the grand champion meat rabbit to Wichita Falls Ford for $800. Midway’s Bryce Forester sold the reserve rabbit for $600 to the Red River Chevy Dealers.

Each year, the Henrietta Kiwanis Club forms buyers’ pool through donations, using the purchasing power to guarantee each student gets a fair price. Donations can be made to any Kiwanis Club member before or during the show. Add-ons for individual students also are accepted. The add-ons table will be located along the west wall of the facility during the auctions.

Participants in each 4-H or FFA club are listed below:

Bellevue FFA

Livestock – Luke Allison, market hog;  Savannah Allison, meat rabbits; Emily Barnett, meat rabbits; Devon Cassetty, meat rabbits; Alicia Cockshutt, meat goat; Braden Gregory, meat goats; John Grunseich, breeding goat, meat goats; Jake Hamilton, meat rabbits; John Hanson, market hog; Mike Hanson, market hog; Colby Hoffman, market hogs; Ashley Jackson, meat goats; Trista Lawson, meat rabbits; Brennah Malaer, meat goat; Megan Morrow, market hog; Morgan Morrow, market hog; Ashley Parr, market hog; Dayton Shook, meat rabbits; Dylan Throckmorton, breeding goat, meat goat; Emily Trail, beef heifer; Kaylee Trail, meat goat; Rachael Weathers, meat rabbits; and Stormy Weathers, market hog.

Byers FFA

Livestock – Heather Coleman, beef heifer, market hogs; Sydney Daniels, meat goats; Katie Fox, photography; Heather Goolsby, market lambs; and Haley Massey, market lamb.

Youth Fair – Heather Coleman, creative arts.

Henrietta FFA

Livestock – Kassidy Beeler, beef heifer, breeding goat, market lamb, meat goats; Kolton Beeler, breeding goat, meat goats; Kambridge Booher, meat goats; John Brock, market broilers; Austin Brown, meat goat; Sierra Burkhart, market hog; Mkayla Burns, breeding goat, meat goat; Camrin  Byers, beef heifer; Zachary Byers, beef heifer, market steer; Macey Choate, market lamb; Laycee Collins, beef heifer; Ryan Crafton, beef heifer, market steer; Keaton Davis, meat goat; Monica Dugan, meat goat; Parker Dunkerley, beef heifers, market steer; Laramie Dunn, market hog; Alicia Eggleston, market lamb; Rody Fenoglio, market lamb; Conner Fletcher, market lamb; Austi Flowers, market hog; Allison Forrester, market hog; Sarah Francisco, meat goat; Katie Halsell, market hog; Michaela Hedrick, market hog; Corby Henry-Morrison, market lamb; Heather Hicks, market hog; Brooke Hoff, breeding rabbit, meat goat; Jordan Hoff, market broiler; Leo Hunter, market hog; Austyn Jones, meat goats; Connor Kirby, beef heifer; Parker Kleinert, market lambs; Mackenzie Martin, market hog; Megan McCormick, market hog; Macy McDaniel, beef heifers; Braiden Obermier, beef heifer; Morgan Peterson, market lamb; Cassie Pickett, market hog, meat goats; Chris Reel, market hog; Becca Riggins, market hog; Ryan Ritchie, market broilers; Caden Robinson, beef heifer; Joey Robinson, creative arts; McKenna Seward, meat goats; Hannah Sharp, meat goat; Riley Sizemore, beef heifers; Tate Sizemore, beef heifer; Andi Stewart, market hog; Brittany Taylor, meat goat; Kasey Taylor, beef heifer; Austin Trent, market lambs; Adriana Velez, meat goat; Addison Wade, market hog; McKenzie Weaver, market hog; Grady West, beef heifer; Parker West, beef heifer; Jade White, meat goat; MaKenzie White, meat goat; Joe Dell Williams, meat goats; Stefani Wolf, beef heifer; and Joyana Zamzow, market hog.

Youth Fair – Luke Brock, foods; Thad Brock, foods; Lindsey Crafton, creative arts, foods; Monica Dugan, creative arts; Austi Flowers, photography; Allison Forrester, creative arts; Riley Sizemore, foods; Kasey Taylor, creative arts, foods; and Trent Tice, foods.

Petrolia FFA

Livestock – Allie Ablia, meat goat; Abbi Armour, market hog, market lamb; Macon Armour, market hog, market lamb; Zachary Baker, market hog; Rusty Belknap, breeding guilt, market hog; Coty Chase, meat goats; Zach Coker, market hog; Kynlee Copeland, market hog; Katie Cummings, meat rabbits; Cole Davis, market lamb; Lizzie Dickinson, breeding goat, meat goat; Tabitha Dickinson, market hog; Caleb Dove, meat goat; Jacob Dove, meat goat; Tanner Hampton, breeding guilt, market hog; Kaleeanna Heuring, meat rabbits; Nicole Ivy, market hog; Emilee Macklin, market lamb, meat rabbits; Payton Macklin, market lamb; Ryanne Macklin, market lamb; Brady Mataska, meat goat; Mackenzie Mayo, meat rabbits; Troy Merito, meat goat; Will Morath, beef heifer, market steer; Ashley Norton, meat goat; Ashlyn Pace, meat rabbits; Jacob Plummer, beef heifer, breeding goat, meat goats; Caroline Ramsey, meat goat; Scott Ramsey, meat goat; Thomas Ramsey, beef heifer; Katie Reed, meat goat; Jared Richardson, beef heifer, market steer; Jace Taylor, market steer; Vinita Trevino, market hog; Landon Washburn, market hog, meat goat;  and Rachael Wilson, market hog.

Youth Fair – Abbi Armour, foods; Macon Armour, foods; Tessa Berend, creative arts, foods; Emilee Macklin, foods; Payton Macklin, foods; Ryanne Macklin, foods; Mackenzie Mayo, foods; and Jeromy Stacy, creative arts.

Midway FFA

Livestock – Brandon Cannon, meat goat; Jayson Castle, market hog; Bryce Forester, meat rabbits; Kelli Forester, market hog; Dawn Mathias, market broiler; Heather Methias, market broiler; Mark Nall, meat goat; Mary Nall, meat goat; and Marley Tate, market hog.

Youth Fair – Jacob Blevins, creative arts; Jesse Blevins, creative arts; Cody Cannon, creative arts; Katey Clark, creative arts, foods; Ben Forester, creative arts; Bryce Forester, creative arts; Kelli Forester, foods; Brent Jones, creative arts; Racheal Keener, creative arts; Jorden Mass, creative arts; Keaton Merkel, creative arts; Mark Nall, creative arts; Erika Richardson, creative arts; Alan Self, creative arts; Aimee Spearman, creative arts; Josh Terry, creative arts; and Brody Wilson, creative arts.

Clay County 4-H

Livestock – Mason Barry, market hog; Kandon Bennett, meat goats; Maddie Bitner, market broilers; Victoria Bitner, market broilers; Kalico Burkes, meat goat; Skee Burkes, meat goat; Conner Chambers, beef heifer, market steer; Holt Chambers, beef heifer, market steer; Jordan Davis, breeding guilt, market broilers, market hog; Reece Essler, market hogs; Trey Essler, market hogs; Kayla Francisco, meat goat; Erin Gallagher, breeding rabbit; Haleah Harmon, breeding rabbit; Addison Hoff, breeding rabbit, meat goat; Kirkland Hoff, market broiler; Klayton Hoff, market steer; Cade Johnson, meat goat; Dylan Knight, meat goat; Mason Knight, meat goat; Daniel Koetter, breeding guit, market hog; Dellen Koetter, market hog; Elizabeth Koetter, breeding guilt, market hogs; Justin Koetter, market hogs; Madeline Koetter, market hog; Colin Kollman, breeding rabbit; Dani Moore, breeding rabbit; Joe Moore, breeding rabbit; Nicci Moore, breeding rabbit; Katie Newberry, market broiler; Alex Parkey, beef heifer; Leah Scribner, breeding guilt, market hogs; Regan Seigler, breeding guilt, market hog; Maggie Smith, market broilers; Heather Taylor, meat goat; Garett Tice, market broiler; Lindsey Trent, market lambs; Katelyn Washburn, meat goat; Ethan Williams, meat rabbits; Kaci Williams, meat rabbits; Abby Zamzow, breeding rabbits.

Youth Fair – Abbey Adams, creative arts, foods; Kaylee Adams, creative arts, foods, photography; Maddie Bitner, creative arts, foods, photography; Victoria Bitner, creative arts, foods, photography; Kandon Bennett, meat goats; Katie Jo Blanscet, creative arts, foods; Kalico Burkes, creative arts, foods; Skee Burkes, creative arts, foods; Josey Cleveland, creative arts, foods, photography; Makayla Cokendolpher, creative arts, foods; Autumn Colley, creative arts, foods; Addie Duncan, creative arts, foods, photography; Kristen Duncan, creative arts, foods, photography; Kylee Erickson, foods; Korri Franke, creative arts; Mikayla Graham, creative arts, foods; Codi Griffin, foods; Brad Groves, creative arts; Haleah Harmon, foods; Cade Johnson, creative arts; Savannah Johnson, creative arts, foods; Justin Koetter, foods; Madeline Koetter, creative arts, foods; Colin Kollman, creative arts, photography; Abigail McClain, creative arts, foods; Katie Newberry, photography; Cassie Pickett, foods; Jacobi Reynolds, creative arts, photography; Brittany Taylor, creative arts, photography; Heather Taylor, foods, photography; Mikayla Taylor, foods, photography; Katelyn Washburn, creative arts, foods; Matthew Watson, creative arts, foods, photography; Taylor Watson, foods, photography; Ethan Williams, foods; Kaci Williams, foods; Todd Yurcho, creative arts, foods, photography; Trent Yurcho, creative arts, foods, photography; Abby Zamzow, creative arts, foods.


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