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East Side, West Side: A hot coacoa day

By Pat McDaniel
Lake arrowhead Correspondent

This is one of those potato soup, hot cocoa, sit in front of the fireplace days… And here I am with the “flying” cats snoozing and himself in charge of the fire and the logs that go into it.  Could one ask for anything more?  Samson, the Helm’ dog, just came by.  He tries to get by every day to check up on Sam and Shadow, the cats and even the humans on his route.  Sometimes he stops for a visit but not today.

We have some of the late Peggy McDaniel’s Lake Arrowhead News columns from January 1982 – 30 years ago.  There’s some interesting reading there.  In a way, some things haven’t changed that much.  We’re in the midst of a drought but the sunsets are just a gorgeous as ever.  Our friends and neighbors at the lake are still considerate and thoughtful when one is ill or there is a local catastrophe.

Jan. 28, 1982, a Thursday, the ladies met at the Association building to organize the Ladies’ VFD Auxiliary.

It’s not a ladies’ organization anymore, it’s for anyone who wants to help with fundraising and whatever else our VFD needs.  We can always use a helping hand, male or female, young or old!

Lake Arrowhead Community Association had 103 members and met on the third Thursday of the month… Now, they meet the last Friday of the month with a pot luck supper, and, we are lucky to have 15 members!

They didn’t have any red hatters then but the ladies met at the association building for art lessons, exercises and/or games.

Now, only the men meet each Tuesday and Thursday to play Dominos.

Friends of Lake Arrowhead

Friends of Lake Arrowhead is a new organization with a year under its belt.  They elected new officers last week.  Terry McKee of Wichita Falls is new president; Vice-president is Lake Arrowhead’s Tony Welch;  Jim Hinsley of Wichita Falls is secretary; and Larry Snyder, Burkburnett, is the re-elected treasurer.  Trustees are L.A.’s Bill Coombs and Pat McDaniel.  Mr. John Traylor is the third trustee and I don’t know where he’s from.  Our Park Superintendent is John Ferguson, a young man with a charming wife, Sarah, and three darling children, Katie, William and Henry.  John’s staff consists of Melissa Jones, Stacy Pratt, Dixie Litteken and Keith.

Renegade Red Hats

Red Hats will be at Jalapeno Tree for lunch Friday the 13th, 11 a.m. if you’re interested… Come join us, all that’s required is a red hat (purple, if it’s your birthday month), a good sense of humor and a love of people.  If you’re under 55, you wear a pink hat.

Make Today Count

We have a support group, Make Today Count.  It’s open to men and women.  We meet every two weeks at the Arrowhead Baptist Church, 10 a.m.  We don’t usually break up until noon or so.  We’ll meet Wednesday, the 18th, and then on Wednesday, Feb. 1.  I forgot to say we meet on Wednesdays.  If you’re interested call Mona Vondielingen at 723-5786, that’s over in Arrowhead Ranch Estates (ARE) or you call me, Pat McDaniel at 528-2268.  I live on the west side of the lake.

Lake Arrowhead Community Association

Lake Arrowhead Community Association will meet Friday, Jan. 27 at the association building at 6:30 p.m.  It’s a pot-luck supper followed by a business meeting.  This is a very important meeting and, if you are a member, you need to be there.

Those of you who know Elsa and Lee Rankin need to know that Elsa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer right before Christmas.  She has had 2 chemo treatments and will have another Jan. 26.  After that treatment they will check to see if tumor has shrunk… If not, she will have more chemo.  If tumor has shrunk, they’ll do surgery.  Send her a card, call her and/or pray for her.

My friend Rosemary Servies Davis, formerly of Wichita Falls, passed this information on to me and I thought I would share it with you:  the Lord created the locusts and grasshoppers that wreaked havoc upon man.  When man learned how to dispose of these creatures, the Lord created computers!

To be cont’d…


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