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Spaghetti a reason to celebrate

By Ashley Crownover
Henrietta Care  Center

We hope your 2012 is going wonderfully.

We had a pretty busy week at Henrietta Care Center. Monday the 2nd, we celebrated National Spaghetti Day and National Chocolate-covered Cherry Day. Wednesday we celebrated National Whipped Cream Day with banana pudding topped with lots of delicious whipped cream. Following the banana pudding and whipped cream, we had hot tea to celebrate National Hot Tea Month. It was a lot of fun for the residents, and the food and tea were both wonderful.

We are looking forward to many fun activities this year. With your help, we believe the residents will have an enjoyable and exciting year. Please feel free to share your talents with us. Our residents really love any kind of music from singing to piano to guitar. We also have a few residents that like to exercise by playing kickball or any other fun games. If you are energetic, and want to host an exercise class for the residents, please call or stop by and let Vicki know. We would love to have you.

We have a new volunteer, Amy. We look forward to her coming out and brining her children and husband with her to volunteer with us.

To the people who volunteer with us already, thank you very much. We are very grateful for your involvement with our residents, and we know our residents appreciate you as well.

Thanks to Nancy Brown for donating gift boxes for resident prizes and to Mrs. McKay for thinking of us. We appreciate you both.

Friday the 6th, we celebrated Elvis Presley’s birthday. A special thank you goes to Edith Freeman for the generous display of Elvis memorabilia. This event was very exciting for all of us at HCC.

Do not forget to come out to HCC Jan. 13 for our potluck meal. We have a potluck meal the second Friday of each month. Our theme this month is soup in celebration of January being National Soup Month. We offer this free meal to family, friends, and the community for being so supportive of Henrietta Care Center. We provide the meal, drinks, and deserts at no cost to you. All you have to do is show up and eat. Can’t get much better than that!

We have a Country Store two times each month for the residents to shop in using their bingo bucks. If you have any items you do not need or want that you think may be nice for the store, just drop them off to us at the home. We appreciate your help.

Have a great week!


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