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East Side-West Side: The saga continues

By Pat McDaniel
Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

It’s 2 days after Christmas and not a creature is stirring, not even the mouse, etc., etc… That’s not quite true.  The cats, Squeak and Molly, have been up since before dawn, chasing up and down the hall until the urge to eat overcame their urge to drive us crazy.  Then himself remembered it’s Tuesday and therefore, it’s “Domino Day”!

So he’s over with the “boys”, Dick Bale, Larry Tuttle, Russ Nowell and O.T. Adair, doing whatever they do.

Hope you all had a good Christmas… We did.  The family got together on Friday afternoon for dips and other “goodies”.  We munched, exchanged gifts, munched, passed out the kids’ stockings, munched, talked and munched, munched and talked!  The most popular and coveted inedible “goodie” was the Pickle Pops.  Donna Cervantez had given me a number of these packets.  Nobody at the Senior Center in Henrietta seemed to want the “freebies”, so, I took ’em!  Adult and child alike were clamoring to get a packet.  I guess they’re not really inedible… They come in a class all by themselves.  You have to be a dill pickle lover to want one.  Miss Kathryn Stanton made off with 3 packets… She’ll be sour for a month or so.  By the way, some one told me recently, that dill pickle juice is good for “restless leg syndrome”.

She didn’t say whether the juice causes it or prevents it.

Mona VonD. over in A.R.E. is doing a lot better.  She’s out and about walking on that sprained leg. Well, she had to! Who else was going to do the Christmas shopping?

Karen and Fred Peary, over on the east side, had son Joey, his wife, Rebecca, and their three youngsters for the holidays.  They live in Abilene.  Jan and Larry Tuttle, on the west side, had son Paul from Dallas and son Tony from Alaska home for the holidays.  Tuttles, by the way, are expecting a great-grandbaby in June.  Ryan and Shay Morath will be the proud parents.  They live up in the panhandle.  Tony and Anna Welch were baptized Sunday, Dec. 18 at Arrowhead Baptist Church.  They have three adorable boys – the handsome Damien, 7 or 8, the charming Seth, 4 or 5, and a blond haired, blue-eyed heartbreaker A.J., 2 maybe? Two of Tony’s cousins came to visit from Connecticut – two lovely young women.  I hope they had a good taste of Texas.

Sherry Coombs took a bad spill Christmas night coming home from Holliday.  She didn’t break anything but she has some pretty good bruise and bumps!  Our friend Pauline Uttke had her last chemo treatment the 21st of this month.  Hurray!  Unfortunately, she picked up what sounds like a bad cold and a really bad cough.  Is it Arrowhead Plague, which seems to hit this time of year?  The Ague and Epizootis are bad, too.

Wayne Morris lives on the west side with wife Naoma, daughter Stephanie and granddaughter Destiny.  He threatens to eat them “out of house and home”.  He’s had cancer and, of course, the chemo treatments that go with it… Well, the doctors always throw in some steroids and that’s what stirs up the appetite!  Naoma may have to lock the refrigerator.

Wynema Wyrick lives in Henrietta now.  She used to live over by the Coombs on the east side.  She’s been fighting off pneumonia this Christmas time just so she could spend more time with her family.  It’s a large family with lots of grandchildren and greats!  Elsa Rankin, another former west sider, live in Wichita Falls now.  Their trailers and nearly all they owned burned to the ground last February.  They bought a house in W.F.  Lee has COPD.  Elsa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this month.  Treatment was started a.s.a.p.  She had her first chemo treatment and it kinda’ took her aback… But she’s a fighter and was up and in church Christmas morning!

Keep all these folks in your prayers, please!

The State Park will hold the first “First Day Hikes in Texas State Parks” on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, 2:30 p.m. Yes! This coming Sunday! Hikers and walkers should meet at the open pavilion in the equestrian area.  The Nature Trail is a quarter-mile loop, Friends of the Park will be on hand with a warm fire (weather promises to be mild), free hot coffee and hot chocolate.  If your pet’s on a leash he or she can come, too!

A mentored waterfowl hunt will be held at the park Jan. 11-12.  To participate, the hunter must attend the mandatory Hunter Education Safety Class the day before the hunt, Jan. 10th.  Call the state park for more information re: the hunt.

Stacy Leigh Pratt, a recent MSU graduate; resident of Scotland and employee of the park, is the winner of the Logo contest held by the Friends of the Park.  Her entry was the most original and unique.  You’ll be seeing it soon on park caps, shirts, etc. Congrats, Stacy!!

And Friends of Lake Arrowhead State Park (FOPs) will meet Thursday, Jan. 5, 7 p.m. at the old dining hall.  There will brief meeting and then we will “graze”.  Members are encouraged to bring a bowl of their favorite dip or other favorite “munchie”.

Happy New Year to all!


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