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Midway JH third among district


Students representing Midway Junior High in district UIL competition were (front) Cody Cannon, Chance Horn, Jesse Blevins, Allison Geer, Ashleigh Thomas, (middle) Cole Thorn, Austin Van Pelt, Megan Terry, Dawn Mathias, Destiney Blake, Wanda Hilbers, (back) Adam Schobert, James Kinseyu, Gilbert Olivarez and Mikaula Graham.

Midway junior high students recently competed in district UIL academics, taking third place among six schools. Midway tallied 516 points to follow Saint Jo and Forestburg. Also competing were Byers, Montague and Prairie Valley.

The eighth grade science II team, seventh grade science I team, eighth grade number sense team, seventh grade number sense team, seventh grade mathematics team, eighth grade listening team, seventh grade listening team and eighth grade calculators applications team finished in first place. Taking second place were the sixth grade art team, sixth grade listening team, sixth grade mathematics team, sixth grade music memory team and the eighth grade spelling team. The seventh grade spelling team, eighth grade maps, graphs and charts team and eighth grade calculator applications team placed third.

Individual standings are as follows:

Sixth grade art – Second place, Sarah Campbell.

Sixth grade calculator applications– First, Jordan Looney; second, Bryce Forester.

Eighth grade calculator applications – Third place, Mikayla Graham.

Eighth grade editorial writing – Second place, Mikayla Graham; fifth, Destiny Blake.

Sixth grade listening – First place, Bryce Forester; fifth, Sarah Campbell.

Seventh grade listening – Second, Austin Van Pelt; fourth, Cody Cannon.

Eighth grade listening – Second, Mikayla Graham; fifth, Gilbert Olivarez.

Eighth grade maps, graphs and charts – Third, Adam Schobert.

Sixth grade mathematics – Fourth, Sarah Campbell.

Seventh grade mathematics – First place, Austin Van Pelt; fourth, Cody Cannon.

Eighth grade mathematics – Fourth, Adam Schobert.

Sixth grade music memory – Second, Keely Browning; fifth, Karri Franke.

Sixth grade number sense – Third, Mary Nall.

Seventh grade number sense – First, Ausitn Van Pelt; second, Cody Cannon.

Eighth grade number sense – First, Ashleigh Thomas; second, Adam Schobert; third, Mikayla Graham.

Sixth grade oral reading – First, Jordan Looney; second, Britney Crye; fourth, Amy Thomas.

Eighth grade oral reading – First, Mikalya Graham.

Sixth grade ready writing – Fourth, Jordan Looney.

Eighth grade ready writing – Fifth, Destiny Blake.

Seventh grade science I – Second, Cody Cannon; fifth, Austin Van Pelt.

Eighth grade science II – First, Ashleigh Thomas; third, Gilbert Oliveras; sixth, Adam Schobert.

Sixth grade social studies – Sixth, Ethan Franke.

Seventh grade spelling – Second, Austin Van Pelt.

Eighth grade spelling – Third, Ashleigh Thomas.

Jesse Blevins competed in seventh grade editorial writing.


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