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CCPA to request water bill reprieve


Past and present members of the Clay County Pioneer Association’s Nine Man Board met with the Henrietta City Council Monday night to discuss water usage at the Pioneer Grounds.

With a severely dry year, the Nine Man Board used water from a fire hydrant located on the Pioneer Grounds to keep the facilities, especially the arena, in useable condition leading up to the Pioneer Reunion Rodeo. Now, the board has received a bill from the city in the amount of $569.

Jack Pickett, who served as chairman of the board through the 2011 Pioneer Reunion and Rodeo, told the council that the organization has used the hydrant for the same purpose for at least 40 years. After researching the board’s records, Pickett said they also received a bill the year before, but it was tacked onto another bill and paid without notice.

It was the first time the CCPA had been billed for water from the hydrant. In fact, said Pickett, a meter was only recently installed at the hydrant, allowing the city to keep better records of how much water was being used.

But this year was different, dryer than possibly any before. The board, often called the “working arm of the Pioneer Association,” used 71,300 gallons of water.

Pickett said the board did not know it was expected to pay for water from the hydrant. The CCPA is billed for metered potable water at the facility. The bill for the water from the hydrant was sent separately.

Pickett asked that the issue be added to the council’s January agenda, when the Nine Man Board will request relief from the bill, as well an agreement for water usage similar to what other nonprofit organizations have with the city.

Also in attendance were past board member Tony Moore, 2012 chairman Leonard Phillips and current member Doug Vicars.

The council took action on a number of items Monday.


Approved an application for services to initiate new water, sewer and sanitation accounts with the city.

Approved a resolution authorizing a professional services provider contract for the Safe Routes to School project, which will fund the construction of a number of new sidewalks in town.

Approved a resolution authorizing City Administrator Kelley Bloodworth, City Secretary Cathy Mills and Mayor Rob Robinson as signers of the contract.

Adopted TxDOT’s Federally Approved Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program as required to participate in the Safe Routes to School program.

Held the first of two public hearings for a memorandum of Understanding between the Henrietta Growth Corporation and Stone Creek Homes.

Following a closed session, aldermen agreed to allow Bloodworth and Robinson to negotiate a final contract for the additional, temporary right-of-way needed while replacing the raw water line between the Little Wichita River and the water treatment plant.


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