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HJH second in district competition


Students from Henrietta Junior High took second place overall in District 9-2A West Zone UIL academic competition in Holliday Thursday, Dec. 1.

Holliday finished first, followed by City View in third place and Nocona in fourth.

Individual esults for Henrietta are as follows:

Sixth Grade

Art Memory: First place (tie), Ashyln Douthitt, Gabrielle Matthews; fourth, Lizzie Riordan; sixth, Addie Duncan.

Calculator: Second place, Jayson Nixon; third, Maddie Brown; fifth, Trey Essler.

Dictionary Skills: First, Jayson Nixon; second, Maddie Brown; fourth, Lizzie Riordan.

Listening: First, Sydnie Nichols.

Maps, graphs and charts: First, Garrett Duncan.

Mathematics: Second, Jason Nixon.

Music Memory: Sixth, Marshall Roberts.

Number Sense: Third, Clayton McClain; fifth, Jeffrey Smith.

Oral reading: Second, Ashlyn Douthitt; third, Lizzie Riordan, fifth, Katie Newberry.

Ready writing: Second,  Jacobi Reynolds; third, Gabrielle Matthews; fifth, Ashlyn Douthitt.

Social studies: Second, Ross Cantwell; fourth, Blake Binkley; sixth, Garrett Duncan.

Spelling: Third, Garrett Duncan; fifth, Hope Halberg; sixth, Jordan Hanson.

Rounding out the sixth grade team are Noah Mabry, Brynn Barger, Clay Richardson, Brayden Headrick, Clayton Fugett, Trey Essler, Kristen Hoff, Mallary Bloodworth, Jim Gwin, Jonus Noack, Joseph Ford, Marissa Rodriquez, and Kaitlyn Williams.

 Seventh grade

Art memory: Fifth, Peyton Lee; sixth, Amber Dillaman

Calculator: Second, Caleb Cody; fourth, Kelton Matthews.

Dictionary Skills: First, Kandon Bennett; fifth, Amber Dillaman.

Editorial Writing: Fourth, Tyler Woolf.

Impromptu speaking: Third, Kaleb Scroggins; fifth, Shawn Neal.

Maps, graphs and charts: First, Sterling Headrick; sixth, Kelton Matthews.

Mathematics: Second, Kandon Bennett; fifth, Kody Franklin.

Modern oratory: Third, Sami Morrow.

Number Sense: Second (tie), Kandon Bennett; fifth, Ben McCreary.

Oral reading: Fourth, Skylar Castro; sixth, Ethan Scholl.

Ready writing: Fifth, Sami Morrow.

Science: First, Caleb Cody; fifth (tie) Sterling Headrick.

Social studies: First, Sterling Headrick; second, Caleb Cody.

Spelling: Third, Ethan Scholl; sixth, Corbin Douthitt.

Rounding out the seventh grade team are Kagen Campbell, Jordan Harwell, Kaitlyn Horn, Conner Chambers, Kayla Francisco, Mikayla Collins, Ben McCreary, Brittany Burns, Tristan Rodgers, Adam Moore and Kathia Morales.

 Eighth grade

Art memory: Third, Connor Duncan; sixth (tie), Logan Carter, Colton Terry.

Calculator: Sixth, Mikayla Taylor.

Dictionary Skills: First, Katelyn Bowles; fourth (tie) Mikayla Taylor.

Editorial Writing: Third, Katelyn Bowles.

Impromptu speaking: Fifth, Laramie Dunn.

Maps, graphs, and charts: First, Ethan Williams.

Mathematics: First (tie), Connor Duncan; sixth, Colton Terry.

Modern oratory: Fifth, Angel Ford; sixth, Courtnie Walker.

Number sense: Fourth (tie), Cody Fletcher; sixth, Tejas Edwards.

Oral reading:  Sixth, Alex Wages.

Ready writing: Third, Alex Wages  .

Science: Second, Logan Carter; sixth, Justin Koetter.

Social studies: First, Chance Edgett; third, Justin Koetter; sixth, Logan Carter.

Spelling: Second, Katelyn Bowles; third (tie), Justin Koetter.

Rounding out the eighth grade team are Nick Offield, Kamryn Weaver, Kirkland Hoff, Tyler McMurry, Cutter Holloway, Alex Jones, Kenzie Kirk, Krystal Cook, Skylar Velasquez, Madi Roberts, Jaylon Curtis, Callie Page, Makenzie Marney, Kristina Aylor, Della Hager, Alyvia Miller, Bailey Mawson, Chance Terry and Lacey Webb.


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