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East Side-West Side: Sick or well

By Pat McDaniel
Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

Mickie Massey’s out of the hospital and so’s Wynema Wyrick.  They’re both home with strict instructions from their doctors to behave, stay in out of the cold and mind their manners.  They should be ready for Red Hats on Friday.  We’ll be at Maurine Seigler’s son’s house for our Christmas outing.  Red Hatters and guests are to bring canned food and 15 cents.  The canned food is for the mission and the 15 cents is ’cause Maurine told us to bring 15 cents.  Queen Mum Barbara is up and out and about…she had good reports from her doctors!  Jan Tuttle’s been having a time with her knee and assorted medical problems.  Larry’s not been in exactly good shape either!

Carpal tunnel and shingles are about to drive himself up a wall or two…hopefully, a visit to the surgeon on the 15th will solve one of those problems.  Barbara McCasland was to have surgery on her nose (skin cancer) today but her blood pressure went sky high so that was postponed.  Pauline Uttke is undergoing chemotherapy for spots on her lung and back.  The chemo has put a stop to any growth of these two spots and she will have her last chemo treatment Dec. 21.  Our Pauline is a special lady with enough strength and faith to keep 10 people going.

Speaking of strength and faith, Mary Etta Skinner has a purse full of that too.  She’s lost her husband, O.D., and a son, Bill, within a year of one another.  The loss and other family problems set her reeling, but she’s picked herself up (with some help from friends and Hospice) and is back with us.  Wayne Morris has had a bout with cancer.  He’s had radiation and we hear he’s doing a lot better.  Elsa and Lee Rankin, as you may remember, had their home out here burn to the ground last February.  They have bought a house in town and come out here to church.  Lee has his good and bad days and as his health goes up and down, so go Elsa’s days.  Frances Duffy, a former LA resident, is alive and well, living at Horizon Bay.  She has macular degeneration but that doesn’t slow her down.  She stays as active as her sight allows.  Bob and Betty Kinash, former LA residents, live at Royal Estates in WF.  Their son, Roy Gunnoe, recently passed away.  He was 56 or so and had lived for years with diabetes. It had, of course, taken its toll on him.  James Kelton, another former resident, lives in town, too.  He is housebound, thanks to early Altzheimer’s.  His daughter, Karen, lives in Dallas and keeps an eagle eye on him.  There is a local lady who cooks, cleans and drives him where he needs to be.

Russell and Dorothy Nowell are having their health problems.  Dorothy’s is her thyroid and Russell’s back gives him many problems.  Randy V. continues to have health problems but his eye is getting better, slowly but surely.  Bill Burleson is one big ray of sunshine….after several years of severe health problems, he is a walking talking example what faith, prayers and love can do.

East side and/or West side, sick and/or well, most of us are getting ourselves together for Christmas.  Sherry Coombs(she’s having health problems, too) has decorated Arrowhead Baptist Church, it looks professional, and it looks good, too!   Shirley V. found the poinsettias that she has placed at the church’s sign.

Today is a good day to stay in…himself has fired up the fireplace and he’s enjoying it and his favorite western and a bowl of chili…..I’d better get in there, he sounds too comfortable.

Before I forget, Arrowhead Baptist Church will have their annual Christmas lunch Sunday, December 18 following morning services.  Guests are welcome.  The food’s always good, the company’s always friendly and you’ll feel right at home.

to be cont’d………


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