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Beer, wine sales good for Henrietta


Dear Editor:

There is a petition being circulated around town to place the sale of beer and wine in Henrietta on the ballot for the next election. About time! Petrolia went wet last year, and parts of Montague County went wet the year before. And you have been able to buy beer at the Lake Arrowhead Country Store for years. Local officials tell us there has been no appreciable increase in alcohol related crimes in those areas since then.

Surely, no one believes that selling beer and wine in Henrietta would turn the whole town into drunks. If you are a beer drinker, why should you have to drive to Petrolia, Bowie or Wichita Falls to buy it? If you read the sheriff’s report printed in the paper weekly, it seems most of the DUI’s are on one of the highways.

Last year Gill Electric moved its operation out of town, and this year both As Good As It Gets restaurant and D&L Corner Lube have closed. Our tax base is shrinking and the City of Henrietta is practically broke. But all those essential services like water and sewer and road repairs still have to go on. Where does the money to pay for it come from? You! The taxpayers make up the difference with higher rates.

In order to sign the petition, you must have voted in the last general election, and organizers have a list of those that did. You must also live within the city limits of Henrietta. Thirty-five percent of those that voted must sign the petition. This will place the measure on the next ballot, where all registered citizens can vote “yes” or “no”. These are not the rules established by the City of Henrietta, but by the state of Texas, and there is a limited time before the petition has to be turned in. You only have until Dec. 21 to sign it. You can sign it at the Bread ‘n Butter, the “Y”, Henrietta Parts Plus, Diamond or Allsups. Or, call Tommy Lyde at 642-9450, and he will bring it to you.

I’m not suggesting the tax rates would go down, but it might keep them from going up any more. And it just might attract more business to Henrietta. Let’s not support the tax base of Petrolia or Bowie or Wichita Falls. Let’s keep the money here in Henrietta where it will help us all.

Tommy Lyde



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