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Midway students visit flight museum


Midway students Austin Van Pelt, Brody Wilson, Kelli Forester, Michaela Danielkova, Mikayla Graham, Erin Armstrong, Brenna Merkel, Katey Clark, Ben Forester, Adam Schobert, Logan Harper, Tristan Franke, Rowdy Terry, Ryan Terry, and standing are Ashleigh Thomas, Dawn Mathias, Gilbert Olivarez, and Megan Terry inside a C-47 cargo plane at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth.

Falcon Pride of Midway School, once again, celebrated the positive achievements of the junior high and high school students for the past six weeks by taking students to the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth.

There they observed and learned about World War II memorabilia and aircraft.  They also had the privilege of seeing a B-25 aircraft land and studied the plane with the bomb bay doors open.  The B-25 was the type of aircraft used in the infamous Doolittle raid on Japan during World War II.  Students visited with the tour guides who were pilots of these famous aircraft.

The primary mission of the Vintage Flying Museum is to preserve America’s flying heritage in word, deed and action. Over 200 members now support these efforts. Twenty aircraft are on exhibit including several which are extremely rare and historic. Additional displays include a dedicated reciprocal and jet engine room, an FAA Aviation Education Resource Center, WWII memorabilia and artifact exhibits, a unique aircraft model exhibit and gift shop.

One of the museum’s greatest contributions to the community is the development of aviation education programs. Since 1993, the Vintage Flying Museum, in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration, has been offering the Dallas-Fort Worth community a broad-based series of educational programs. These programs include aviation summer camps for middle and high school students, aviation workshops for teachers and “Take Flight Days”.

The Vintage Flying Museum is located at 505 NW 38th St., Hangar 33 South, Fort Worth, Texas 76106. For more information, call (817) 624-1935.


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