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Jr. Delphian discuss music therapy

By Shell Pickett
Club Historian/Reporter

 The Jr. Delphian Club of Henrietta met Oct. 27 in the home of hostess Debbie Sauer. The meeting was called to order by President Allyson Moore and roll was called by Secretary Christie Newberry.  Minutes were read and approved.

Announcements made were by Angela Belcher stating that the next meeting will be hosted at the Clay Jack Services building.

Jan Slagle reported that the spring tea will be at Coyote Creek in the Lazy Heifer Saloon on April 14, the week after Easter.  The theme for this year’s tea is “Live Well”, in conjunction with this year’s club theme of “Live Today Well’, baskets will also reflect the theme.

Program was presented by Sharlene Offield who introduced her guest Sharon Salmon, a music therapist, who shared various ways of using music and singing to relax.

Ms. Salmon started by sharing with us that she was a recent graduate of West Texas A&M with a music therapy degree.  She explained that music therapy was established in 1950 and is the use of music to achieve non-music goals.  Music therapy helps with stroke and Alzheimer’s patients because music activates different parts of the brain and patients are able to recall things they are unable to recall without the help of music.

She asked that everyone stand up and we all danced to the song of YMCA.  We had a great time while dancing.  Afterward, she pointed out that we all had smiles and were more relaxed and happy.  She told us that by using our favorite music we can relax or de-stress.  She told a personal story of how she was able to cope with the death of a close friend by listening to a particular song that reminded her of her friend and it was her way to pay a private tribute.  She expressed how we all can take a “music bath” and allow the music to wash over us to relieve pain or stress.  Darlene Lyde shared how she listens to Phantom of the Opera to help with her pain and Sharlene told how she likes to listen to Adell.  Sharon said that singing can also help with relaxation.   Allyson Moore told us that she and her mom both sing while doing the dishes.  Bettye Ellsworth said that she sings to her son to get him out of a bad mood.  Jacquetta Graves told a heart -warming story about June Trent’s mom while she was in the nursing home.  She was suffering from Alzheimer’s and wasn’t able to recognize anyone, but when the Men of God came to sing, June’s mom was able to remember and sing every song.

Sharon ended the program by explaining that music and singing can lower your blood pressure.

Critics report was given by Jan Slagle who stated that she agreed that music is lovely and we should remember to turn to music.


Refreshments were served to 13 active members and 1 guest.


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