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Interactive map: City of Henrietta to install stop, yield signs at intersections



A project started last year will soon come to completion as City of Henrietta crews begin installing stop and yield sign at unprotected intersections in the northeast section of Henrietta.

Twenty-seven stop signs and 20 yield signs have been proposed.

The signs were purchased last year. Monday night, the city council approved the purchase of DOT-compliant break-away posts for the signs.

Stop signs are proposed at the intersections of: Rodgers and Ikard, Clark Circle and Ikard, King and Ikard, King and Wichita, Rodgers and Wichita, Lucille and Commerce, Jackson and Gilbert, Rater and Ikard, Rater and Commerce, Rater and Park, Harston and Commerce, Angelina and Ikard, Angelina and Commerce, Angelina and Shelden, Clay and Shelden, Clay and Blanchard, Clay and Fourth, Clay and Fifth.

Yield signs are proposed for the intersections of: Rater and North, Hancock and North, Hancock and Park, Harston and North, Harston and Park, Barrett and Park, California and North, Angelina and North, Henrietta and North, Henrietta and Blanchard, Henrietta and Fourth, Henrietta and Fifth, Clay and North.


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