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October deeds recorded


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the month of October 2011:

Monte Ray Clampitt et al to Kameron Wayne Pierce, Lot 3 & 4, and the E 43’ Lot 5, Block 50, Howeth & Eldridge.

Araceli Mahon to James Damron et ux, Lot 4 & 5, Bunny Run #2.

James K. Miers et ux  to Ralph Stark et al, 49. 75 acres and 121.50 acres, TE & L, #2843.

Homesales, Inc. to Christopher Littlefield et al, Lots 4 & 5, Block 26, Original Town of Henrietta.

Mark Mathews to William O’Malley, 14.59 acres, M.B. Skerrett, A-1014.

Shelia McAllister to Frank Hughes, 81.29 acres, Block 2 & 3, Webb Sub., A-403.

Secretary of HUD to Gary Himes et al, Lot 5, Block C, Rodgers Addition.

First Bank to Tracy Cornwell, Lot 12 & the N/2 Lot 11, Block 105, Petrolia Sub.

Thomas Winston Hopkins to Lanelle Freeze, Pt Block 17, Railroad Addition.

Byron G. Brehmer to Hazel E. Campbell, Lots 9 & 10, Block 66, Railroad Addition.

Secretary of VA to James Aubrey Gilbow, Block 55, Specht & McCutcheon.

G8 Opportunity Fund VII, LLC to John H. Miller, II et al, W/2 Lot 26, Block 2, Section 2, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Richard L. Trent to Angela Hicks et al, Lot 28, Lee Gilbert.

Estate of Jack F. Helmcamp to Danny Bretschneider, 15.98 acres, Block 35, Kemp & Newby.

David Doyle et ux to Tim Barnes et al, E 50’, Lots 6, 7 & 8, Block 11, Earle’s Addition.

Clay County to Joel Maness, Lots 15, 16, 17 & 18, Block 9, Original Town of Petrolia.

Clay County to Rowdy Moore, 5.0 acres, E.F. Ikard, A-264.

Clay County to David H. Silvertooth, 1.344 & 7.18, E.F. Ikard, A-264.

Keith A. Spearman to Howard P. Betts et al, 161.76 acres, SE/4, Section 7, Montague CSL.

Yvette Barger to Robert Clemens, Lots 5 & 6, Block 99, Petrolia Sub.

Secretary of HUD to Joby Dunn et al, Lot 1 & E 16’ Lot 2, Block 37, Howeth & Eldridge.


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