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County voters favor one of 10 propositions


Fewer than 500 voters in Clay County turned out for the Constitutional Amendment election held Tuesday, including more than 50 that cast ballots early. The turnout was only about half of the number that voted in the 2009 election.

Those who made their way to polling places voted against all but one proposition. Clay County voters were in favor of Proposition 1, allowing for a tax exemption to the surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, by a count of 367-68.

Proposition 1 passed at the state level with 82.88 percent of the vote.

Proposition 2, allowing the Texas Water Development Board to issue additional bonds not to exceed $6 billion, failed in Clay County, 165-266, but passed statewide with 51.51 percent of the vote.

Proposition 3, allowing the state to issue bonds to finance student loans, failed in Clay County, 175-261, but passed statewide with 54.53 percent.

Proposition 4, which would have permitted counties to issue bonds for development, failed in Clay County, 99-326, and statewide with 59.7 percent voting against the measure.

Proposition 5, allowing cities and counties to enter into interlocal contracts, failed in Clay County, 192-233, but passed statewide with 57.78 percent of the vote.

Proposition 6, allowing the General Land Office to distribute revenue for public education, failed in Clay County, 165-264, but passed statewide with 51.58 percent.

Proposition 7, permitting El Paso County to create reclamation districts, failed in Clay County, 120-299, and across the state with 51.67 percent coming out against.

Proposition 8, allowing the appraisal of open-space areas for ad valorem tax devoted to water stewardship, failed in Clay County, 120-304, and across the state with 52.98 percent against.

Proposition 9, authorizing the governor the ability to pardon a person who has completed deferred adjudication, failed in Clay County, 177-247, but passed statewide with 57.31 percent of the vote.

Proposition 10, extending the length of an unexpired term by 30 days for officials who have announced their candidacy in another race, failed in Clay County, 206-220, but passed statewide with 55.94 percent of the vote.


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