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Henrietta teacher Rogers nominated to TEA committee


Doug Rogers, Henrietta Junior High science teacher, has been nominated to serve on the Texas Education Agency Accountability Technical Advisory Committee. Appointee names will be released near the end of November 2011.

The ATAC committee will consist of approximately 25 members from across the state of Texas. This committee will consider complex, technical issues related to assessment and accountability. Nominees must be Texas public school educators and highly knowledgeable of public school accountability.

The ATAC will work with Texas Education Agency staff and national experts to develop recommendations or options related to the accountability system, including overall framework and integration of state and federal accountability, assessment indicators and progress measures, completion indicators, student groups and minimum size criteria, alternative education accountability, and distinction designations. ATAC members will serve a minimum of two years and solicit input on committee issues from peers within their geographic region.

The ATAC’s final proposals will be reviewed by the Accountability Policy Advisory Committee, whose members include legislative, university, parent, business and community representatives. The APAC will provide feedback on the ATAC proposals to the commissioner of education. The commissioner will make final accountability decisions in spring 2013.

“Henrietta Junior High wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. Rogers for his efforts in education and congratulations in this nomination,” said Principal Quana West.


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