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East Side, West Side: The grass is always greener

By Pat McDaniel
Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

It is clearly evident that the wind blows harder and the grass is greener on the east side of the lake.  Except, maybe, on Mondays.  Remember when Monday was washday at every house in town?  And Tuesdays were ironing day?  Now any day or night is washday and as for ironing… well, Perma-Press saved the day!  However, I digress… re: the wind, when we left home on the last evening the wind was a little brisk.  Ten minutes later, on the east side, the wind was blowing, almost, a gale and it was cold!  Now, all our grasses, west and east sides, have greened up, thanx to that 4-plus inch rain we had a couple of weeks ago.  But, I vow that there are some houses on the east side that have dyed their grasses greener than the ones on the west side, giving real meaning to that old expression.

A total of 16 Red Hats and Purple Hats (birthday girls) enjoyed lunch and fun at the Lazy Heifer Saloon.  Listening to the player piano, our Queen Mum, Barbara Lowe, was tippin’ her hat, tappin’ her toes and struttin’ her stuff… eat your heart out, Fatha Hines!  We had two visitors, Linda Barrera and Judy Stokes.  If you haven’t been, you need to go.  Lazy Heifer’s in the Coyote Creek store on US 287.  The “Sassperiller” is the tastiest.  Food is served on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lake residents and a number of area residents share an active interest in Lake Arrowhead’s new Friends of the LA State Park organization.  It is important to all of us to keep our park a viable and successful part of our community.  We want to attract people from the surrounding area and all parts of the state and the nation.  There’s a lively population of prairie dogs inside the park, the fishing facilities are as good as any around, camping facilities are highly acceptable… we’d like to help keep them that way.

Available to the public is a “Wild ‘Scape Training” program to be presented Saturday, Nov. 5, 9 a.m. to noon.  We’ll learn how, where and when to plant native plants and how to attract butterflies and other acceptable “critters” to our yards.  Wonder if they can tell me what to do about a flower-loving skunk that has taken up residence under the house.  The dogs and cats like him/her.  What if there are babies in the spring?

Oh, woe is us!  There is talk of a Water Fowl Hunting Techniques school coming in December… more later.

LAKE ARROWHEAD COMMUNITY ASSN. meets Friday, Oct. 28 at the association building just east of the dam.  Potluck supper is at 6:30 p.m. followed by an important business meeting.  All association members are encouraged to attend this month’s meeting.  An interesting proposal has been put before LACA officers and your input would be appreciated.

And for everyone’s entertainment and amusement the Clay County Senior Citizens in Henrietta will hold their very first annual Fall Festival and Family Fun Night. Children are free and adults are $2.  For dancing and listening pleasure, Prairie Moon, the band, will play for the first 2 hours and we’ll play “golden oldies” on the tape machine (or whatever one plays them on) for the last hour.  Time’s 4 p.m. – 7 p.m., location is 216 N. Hancock in Henrietta.  There will be games and prizes for the kids, grandkids and great-grands.  There are some handsome door prizes, if you wanna buy a ticket or two or six.  Buy six for $5 or $1 buys one ticket.  Among the “prizes” is a wooden rocking chair, donated anonymously; a wheelbarrow, donated by Tractor Supply, and with it is a basket stuffed with “odds and ends”; or you might fancy a lovely, crocheted by Kathleen Gordon, shawl.  There’s a colorful pair of warm socks, knitted by Kathleen Gordon and coveted by several Senior members!  The Clay County Animal Shelter is offering a twin-sized, reversible, machine quilted coverlet (perfect for that little girl in your life) donated by Ann Keen of Mr. Sweeney’s Country Quilt in Thornberry.  Money collected from ticket sales on this coverlet will go to the Shelter.  There’ll be food and drinks and so much more!  Please, come.

Bro. Josh Deerinwater leads the revival Arrowhead Baptist Church is holding thru the 19th.  Bro. Josh has brought before those attending some provocative and challenging ideas.

Wayne Morris is still ill, Pauline Uttke’s better this week.  Randy V.’s eyes grow better, Barbara McCasland has a spot on her nose and himself has carpal tunnel but his shingles are better!

Happy Birthday to MacKenzie Keasler, Irene Allen, Tucker McDaniel, Amy Land, Ada McDaniel, Jan Tuttle, Mickie Massey, Pauline U. and JoBeth Stanton.

In case you’ve been wondering, the next Senior Citizens Bake Sale is Nov. 22.

Happy Trails…


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