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IESI raises garbage rates for Henrietta residents

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

Henrietta residents will continue to use IESI for garbage collection for at least three more years despite the city council’s wish to bid out the contract.

The current contract with IESI gives the waste management company the right to raise fees annual based on the consumer price index. This year, the residential and commercial garbage rates will increase approximately 50 cents per month.

Monday night, the Henrietta City Council had no choice but to accept the rate.

City Administrator Kelley Bloodworth told the council that Henrietta is required to give IESI notice before opening the service for bids prior to the expiration date of the contract. When the previous five-year contract expired, the previous city administrator failed to give notice to IESI and the city was forced to accept a new contract with the company.

“It just was not done,” said Bloodworth. The current contract expires in 2014.

City aldermen also learned the City of Wichita Falls will no longer allow its plumbing inspector to conduct inspections in Henrietta. Bloodworth said a plumbing inspector for the City of Burkburnett is will to take over the inspections, and will charge the same rate as Wichita Falls.

One issue may arise; the inspector will only be able to come to Henrietta after hours. Bloodworth said this might cause problems for local plumbers and hopes to meet with them in the near future to discuss the plan.

The council voted in favor of using the Burkburnett inspector.

Given the option to change which bank serves as the city’s depository, the council opted to stay with Legend Bank despite an increase in fees. The city takes bids for the business every five years. In the last bid process, Legend bank offered a deal with zero fees or penalties.

With the new agreement, the bank will charge fees of $320 per month. Wells Fargo, the only other institution to bid, offered fees of about $95 less per month. Bloodworth suggested the council look at Wells Fargo due to the cheaper rates, but did not look forward to the changeover.

“What I hate to see is having to move all of that over, and the dread that comes with it,” She said. “But, I also know that it is a savings of $1,100 per year, and I know what that means to us.”

The council chose to stay with Legend because it is a semi-local business – based in Bowie – and helped the city through tough times late last year. The vote was 3-1.

Because Legend had offered no fees in the past, the city did not budget for the extra cost.

Not all news was bad news Monday. Bloodworth reported a 3 percent gain in the water loss report. The city averages water loss of 23 percent per month due to line breaks, faulty equipment and other issues. Last month, water usage dropped with cooler temperatures and rain. Water crews used the down time to clean out basins at the water plant, which resulted in the gain.

In other business, the council:

Approved resolutions establishing criteria and guidelines for use in the 2011 redistricting. Two city wards face redistricting due to the 2010 census. The state allows for a 10 percent variation in population between wards. According to the 2010 count, Wards 1 and 2 vary by 13 percent.

Public meetings to discuss redistricting are set for 5:30 p.m. Oct. 18, and during the next regular meeting of the council, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.

Presented and approved the first reading of an ordinance and service plan for annexation of a property owned by K.P. Evans. A second reading is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. Oct. 18.

Appointed Alderman Howard Raeke to represent the city on the Clay County Appraisal District board of directors.

No action was taken following a closed session to discuss the lease of an easement for construction of a new raw water line to the city lake.


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