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Commissioners approve employee manual


Commissioners approved the Clay County Employee Manual on Monday, an item that had been tabled in two prior meetings pending further research.

Among the items clarified was that the sheriff’s office could keep a separate policy manual, allowing the sheriff to have a manual that best fits his needs and holds the commissioners harmless. The manual covers such items as wages, time off and the use of county-owned vehicles by employees. The county judge has the right to review the manual at any time, but will not keep one in his office.

Commissioners had the option of making resignation mandatory for any county employee who chose to run for the office in which he works if he is to run against an incumbent. Even though the mandatory resignation policy has never been challenged in court in other counties, the commissioners elected not to include the practice. Also, elected officials will have to conduct an exit interview with any employee who is released or resigns.

On the request of a Dean resident, two new speed limit signs will be placed on Bent Road, setting the limit at 30 miles-per-hour. Precinct 2 Commissioner Johnny Gee brought the request to the attention of the commissioners. He said that in the last few years, a bend in the road – which gives the road its name – has caused several major wrecks. The signs were approved.

In other business:

Despite weekend rains, commissioners opted to leave the burn ban in place, but will revisit the issue when they meet again. The drought index used to measure the need of a burn ban is at the lowest it has been this year.

Gee noted that the concrete slab poured in the alley behind the courthouse annex was efficient in shedding water away from the building and neighboring buildings over the weekend. No other rainwater issues were reported at the annex.

Commissioners approved the results of the one-year “walk through” inspection of the annex. During the agenda item, it was reported that one key card reader at an annex entrance did not work properly.

The county will purchase six low-back rolling chairs for use in the annex courtroom. When the annex was furnished, it was decided that chairs from the commissioner’s court would be moved into the judicial courtroom when needed. Sine that time, the number of criminal cases going to trial has increased. The chairs will cost a total of $708.

Commissioners approved a professional services agreement between iDocket and the Clay County Clerk’s Office for judicial case management software.

Commissioners approved the appointment of Parnell Skelton, Dorothy Skelton and Lawanda Jackson to the early voting ballot board for the Nov. 8 constitutional amendments election.

Commissioners approved the reappointment of Dr. T. David Greer as the county health authority for a two-year term.


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