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East Side, West Side

By Pat McDaniel
Lake Arrowhead Correspondent

Lake Arrowhead, not to be confused with Arrowhead Ranch Estates, has two inhabited sides, one east side and one west side.  Then there’s the State Park with a west entrance and it’s inhabited by a couple of park rangers and a lot of prairie dogs. Down on the east end and across the Henrietta Bridge there’s Bunny Run and a bunch of folks down there, but I have never seen a bunny walking, running or hopping over there.  So I’ll just talk about the east and west sides. Some people say the rich people live on the east side but that must have been a long time ago, ‘cause I haven’t seen any evidence of wealth.  Same goes for the west side…nobody’s rich, unless they’re burying it in their back yards.

The east side’s mailing address is Henrietta and their mail carrier is sweet Donna Wines.

Their telephone numbers all start with 538.  The west side’s numbers start with 528 and a long time ago we had to pay to call the other side.  Park Ranger James Harden moved out here and got up a petition to discontinue that charge…it took twice, but he got it through and we can call across the lake without charge.  The west side’s mailing address is Wichita Falls and I don’t know my mail carrier, he or she may be sweet but probably not as sweet as Donna.

Some of you may wonder where the east and west sides are and how you get there.  Coming from Jolly on FM 2393 you will travel south and slightly west ‘til you reach FM1954, take a left continue on to FM 2606, turn left and cross the dam spillway and the dam. Immediately after you cross the dam, on your right, will be Arrowhead Baptist Church and the new prayer garden (we’re mighty proud of that).  Next door to the church is the Lake Arrowhead Community Association with the beat up looking sign.  The association building is where the spaghetti suppers and fish fries have been held for so long. The association quit holding the fish frys ‘cause they and we got too old to do it!  The fire department took it over last year.  The spaghetti supper has always been a fund raiser for the LAVFD Auxiliary.  We had one in April…as far as I know they plan one in 2012.

ABC’s planning a revival this Oct. 16 through 19.  Bro. Joshua Deerinwater is the revival leader.  It starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday and then it’s at 7 p.m. the other days.

If you follow FM2606 on around, you’ll come to the east side fire station.  Mike Hall’s the chief and he’s usually around there with some of the “boys”, working on a truck or the building.  We’re going to need a bigger building.  We have a new tanker but have to store it at the State Park for now.  Keep on going and you’ll come to Oachita Park where you can launch your boat, fish or camp.  Henrietta Bridge is right there and you can go on in to Bunny Run.  Let me know if you see a bunny!  If you want to go to Henrietta the back way take a left at the park.

If you want to head to the west side, don’t take a turn onto FM 2606.  Stay on 1954 to the stop sign, go straight across on an unnamed road, make a sharp left and stay on that road.  You’ll drive alongside Bridwell ranch pastures, you’ll come to houses and then the water tank and then more houses and a small fire house with a fire truck.  Keep on going around and you’ll come to the area where 13 or 14 houses burned to the ground in 2009 when a wildfire came through.  Some of the houses have been rebuilt, some are just vacant lots.

The Lake Arrowhead Community Association meets the last Friday of the month.  We have a pot luck supper at 6:30 p.m. then hold a brief business meeting.  This month the meeting will be on the 28th.

Lake Arrowhead VFD holds a business meeting the second Thursday of the month.  This month’s will be the 13th at 6:30 p.m.

The VFD-AUX meets the first Monday of the month.  That’s last night!

Make Today Count is a support group for men and women who are coping with a serious illness or the loss of a love one.  Caregivers are encouraged to attend.

Call Mona  723-8756 or Pat  528-2268   W meet at ABC, 10am-12pm

Red Hats meet the second Friday of each month,  except this month.  We will meet at the Lazy Heifer Saloon, Thursday, Oct. 13, at 11’ish.  Call Pat  at 528-2268.

Thought for the day:  Be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.


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