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Commissioners approve final 2011 budget amendments

By Matt Kelton
Pioneer Sentinel

Commissioners met for a final time in fiscal year 2011, balancing the books by approving 56 line item budget amendments.

Line item budget amendments occur when unused funds left in some lines are dispersed among lines that went over budget.

Of the line items amended, 48 were in the county’s general fund and ranged in amounts from 2 cents for Medicare matches to $30,517 for a DPS weight station under construction on Hwy. 287, south of Henrietta.

In the sheriff’s office budget, $29,365.49 was moved into deputies’ salaries budget from a number of budget lines to pay off some $67,000 in comp time to deputies.

Lines in which the funds were removed from were longevity bonuses; FICA match; Worker’s Compensation; unemployment; hospital, life and AD&D insurance; miscellaneous, bonds and dues; miscellaneous travel and schooling; medical exams and sexual abuse (exams); investigations; and utilities.

An additional $13,721.67 was taken from the general fund’s emergency reserve to cover negative balances left outstanding in the sheriff’s office budget, and placed in three budget line items: Vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance and gas and oil. Those line items had also been used to pay comp time.

Line item amendments in the general fund were approved unanimously, while the budget amendment from the emergency fund passed on a 3-1 vote, with Lindy Choate, Precinct 1 Commissioner, against.

Precinct 1 had two line item amendments,  $1,631.98 from road materials to gas and oil, and $653.02 from road materials to parts, repairs and supplies. Precinct 3 had one line item amendment, $1,041.29 to insurance of a vehicle from labor and lease equipment.

Clay County Memorial Hospital had the largest line item amendment, $751,511.01 placed into payroll disbursement. The amount had originally been placed into another line item by error, and was taken from there.


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