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HJH students study science with boats

HJH Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented students at Henrietta Junior High use small boats to study wind power, resistance and buoyancy.

Henrietta Junior High students are having fun with a science experiment as a part of the Explore Gifted and Talented class. In this activity, the students constructed boats with sails and raced them in a tub. The students were studying wind force, resistance, and buoyancy. The students had to also supply the wind power. The teacher for the Explore class is Mrs. Browning.

Students in the Explore Gifted and Talented program at Henrietta Junior High had fun with a science experiment Monday. The students constructed small sailboats and raced them in a tub as a way to study wind force, resistance and buoyancy. Students supplied the wind power. The HJH Gifted and Talented coordinator is Jennifer Browning.


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