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Team doctoring, frog and terrapin results

Big Pioneer Reunion Frog

Jackson Payne, with dad Robert, shows off his prize-winning frog.

Friday was a busy day on the courthouse square and at Tex Rickard Memorial Arena where events kids and grownups alike took place following the float parade.

Events began at 11 a.m. with the frog and terrapin races on the north side of the courthouse square.

Terrapin races, frog jump

A turtle owned by Jackson Payne took first place in the terrapin races, followed by Maverick Moore’s entry in second and Jonathan Esbell’s hard-shell in third.

The best dressed terrapin was owned by Cassie Beeler, followed by Pate Cody’s entry in second and Grace Martin’s turtle in third.

The biggest terrapin was owned by Levi Adams, measuring 5.75 inches, while the smaller terrapin, at 2.5 inches, was brought by Bodee Franke.

In the frog jump, Graham Gonzenbach’s entry took first place with a leap of 133 inches, followed in second place Pate Cody’s entry at 121 inches. A frog owned by Leah Bullinger covered 117 inches for third place.

The biggest frog was entered by Jackson Payne at 8 inches, and the smallest was entered by Leah Bullinger at 3.5 inches.

Team doctoring

Eleven teams entered the team doctoring competition Friday afternoon.

First place went to the team of Joe Mac Boggeman, Ty Boggeman, Bray Chambles and Zane Daniels with a time of 25.45 seconds. Joe Mac Boggeman, Ty Boggeman and Chambles team with Johnny Miller to take second place with a time of 26.55.


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