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City, county agree on ‘hold harmless’


Clay County Commissioners want to pave a section of right-of-way behind the courthouse annex, but first had to approve a “hold harmless” agreement with the City of Henrietta. They almost got it accomplished.

Although it hasn’t been much of a problem since mid winter, water shed from the annex roof during heavy rainfall or snow melts has created washes in the alley. With concern that it could begin to effect neighboring properties, the county has requested permission from the city, which owns the right-of-way, to concrete a 16-foot strip of the alley running along the annex’s easy wall. The slab will be four inches thick.

The city, which will not share in the expense, asked for an agreement stating that it will not be held responsible for replacing any portion of the pavement if it should have to be removed in the future. A water line and other utilities run through the area.

The agreement was approved by the county during Monday’s meeting of the commissioners and City Administrator Kelley Bloodworth carried it back to the city. But, before the council met, City Attorney Tracy Jennings took exception to some of the language in the agreement and contacted County Attorney Seth Slagle. Jennings and Slagle worked out the issues, none of which changed the context of the agreement.

The project has been bid at $9,500 with the county taking care of all necessary dirt work.


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